Review: Cameos of War by Brian Guy (Swordman)


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Review: Cameos of War by Brian Guy (Swordman)


Many ARRSERs and some from other sites will be well acquainted with the tales of “Swordman” on the ARRSE Military History Forum “Swordman 1941-1944”. Now some may ask why only 1944, well Brian lost an argument with a particular bangy thing, which to this day he does not know if it was a mine or a shell, just that it left him somewhat short of the issued number of limbs. Hence the royalties and profits from the sale of this book are going to BLESMA – the British Limbless Ex-Servicemans’...
Stories, no,

<strong> History told in the first person.</strong>

And can't be stressed enough: "Brian has gone to some effort to get this book published and as I say all monies raised are going to BLESMA"

Just finished this book.
Thanks very much Brian for taking the trouble to get this task done.
You are a true fighter and the book is an excellent read, especially for all the former Sappers out there.

Cheers mate & Take Good Care Of Yourself.

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