REVIEW: Apache: Air Assault

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Ritch, Dec 4, 2010.

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  1. Apache: Air Assault, developed by Gaijin Entertainment, is a helicopter combat simulator developed for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

    Air Assault is NOT an arcade game, but is rather like the Flight Simulator series you see on the PC. Therefore, it isn’t too easy to pick up and can take a little while to get used to the game.

    There are three different difficulties available in the game; Training, Realistic and Veteran. As you can probably guess, Training is the easiest, with Veteran being entirely unforgiving, ideal for the hardcore flight simulator gamers.

    The controls of the game can be quite irritating, for example, you pilot the Apache with the thumbsticks on your pad. The right analogue stick controls altitude and rotation and tilting of the aircraft is used with the left analogue stick. It takes a fine balance and a steady hand to pilot the Apache through a mission without crashing.


    ‘Training’ is the easiest difficulty in the game but is still very difficult. Your Apache takes damage quickly from machine gun rounds that can be fired from a kilometre or two away and RPG’s are able to travel enormous distances and be accurate enough to damage the airframe. The engines seem vulnerable and are often damaged early on in the missions, leaving you unable to hover without falling out of the sky, which can be annoying if you are trying to line up an accurate shot with your Hydra missiles.

    The scenery in the game looks pretty detailed from a height, but as soon as you fly close to the ground, you realise its monotonous, dull and poorly designed. The only level of detail worth mentioning in the game, is the Apache itself. The cockpit is fairly detailed and looks realistic.

    A stand-out feature of the game is the ability to use TADS, (Target Acquisition and Designation Sights) and engage enemy with your 30mm cannon and Hellfire missiles from a great distance away. You can also switch to your Thermal Imaging sensors that can pick up individual personnel on the ground.

    The missions in the game focus on three sets of pilots and three different storylines. The missions take place in Central America, Somalia and East Asia. Some missions are pretty simple and can be over in a matter of minutes, but some take a bit longer, up to 30 minutes and can be quite frustrating.


    The multi-player looks pretty good, with you able to team up with another player. One controls the Apache whilst the other player is the Gunner and is responsible for all the weapon systems. Other modes are available too, which include you being able to face off against three other players and try to destroy their Apache. The annoying thing is though, that hardly anyone ventures onto Xbox Live to play this game. The lobbies are deserted and you can be waiting for quite a while for even one person to join the lobby.

    Overall, I think the game is pretty good. If the points I mentioned above were fine-tuned and fixed, I think we would have a truly spectacular game on our hands.

    3 ½ Mushroom Heads.
  2. Extreme "Hurr Durr" detected!

    First of all, this IS NOT a Simulator, it is an Arcade Simulator, want to see a Simulator? Check this out: YouTube - DCS - Black Shark Startup

    In Apache - Air Assault you simply press a single button on your Controller/Joystick to take off, THAT. IS. NOT. REALISTIC.

    And the fact that you think it is? That makes you f*cking stupid, really f*cking stupid, also an ignorant Consoletard.

    Also, this game ISN'T just out for the PS3 and Xbox 3Sh*tty, it's also out for the PC.

    Also, if you're so bothered about the graphics being horrible when you go closer to the ground, then play on the PC, because the graphics are 10x better than the Consoles, I own it, and I've landed the Helicopter before, and the terrain did not look horrible.

    Also, Realistic is the hardest difficulty, not Veteran.


    Not a Controller, so if you're going to complain about the bad controls, THINK!

    You know NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this game, I'd go so far to say you only played it once for about 10 minutes, because the amount of sh*t you spewed was unbelievable.

    Never EVER review a game again unless you're going to actually play it properly and RESEARCH it.

    F*cking idiot... I swear, Console "Gamers" today are f*cking stupid.
  3. Well there is nothing like constructive criticism.

    Now step away from the keyboard and go and play with your 'special' toys, there's a good lad.
  4. Right... I was asked to review the game by ARRSE itself. I was sent a copy and I played it for close to nine hours.

    Did you make the game? Are you a little upset because I gave some aspects of the game a bit of a bad review? I thought not. And anyway, free speech. If you didn't notice, I said;

    You've just made yourself look like a complete retard mate. Hope it was worth it. =-D

    Oh, by the way 'mate'. You've just set the record for the fastest time from 'join' to 'ignored' :)
  5. Ooh Ritch.... You made a 14 year old gamer chuck his dummy! You're a bully you are! :) what a tosser! Not you, the testosterone fuelled acne-factory!
  6. I know. I felt awful... for a second or two. Now I can't stop laughing at his Internet Hardman routine. =-D
  7. You played this for 10 minutes, it's pretty clear.

    Worst review ever, also, your little "friends" telling you that I'm an idiot to boost your confidence is funny.

    You're not a Gamer, you're a retard.

    You fucked up this review worse than I've seen anything get fucked up before.

    Also, internet hardman? I'm not the one getting my friends to act tough and pretend I'm in a gang XD

    Console retards nowadays... Never ending hilarity.

    I made my self look like a retard... Hmm, that would be true, if it wasn't obvious that you're trying to defend your self for a retarded review where you GOT THE DIFFICULTY WRONG, called an ARCADE SIMULATOR a FLIGHT SIMULATOR (That one is ******* retarded, no, really, you called a game where you take off using a SINGLE BUTTON a "Flight Simulator", that's so fail, I can't believe it.) and you also forgot to mention what platforms it's on.


    The Durp Police is fining you with utter retardation!
  8. omfg guiz dis teh best ev4r flite simulatur

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  9. Bless... Are you cwoss? It's a game dear, real life is outside! He gave an opinion, yours differs. Get over it and go play with your joystick!
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  11. No, I played it for nine hours like I said above.

    I don't need my confidence boosting, mainly because you're a really stupid person and I'm finding what your writing extremely funny. Are you the unfortunate victim of incest?

    Actually, 'Gamer' defines anyone who plays a game. I have played games, therefore, I am defined as a gamer. :)

    Yes, Internet Hardman, which you blatantly are.

    Yes, hilarity at you spending almost an hour to come up with a decent reply. Did you show a draft copy to your Mum and ask her if it was okay before you posted it?

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  12. Instead of making yourself look like an illiterate eejit, why not post YOUR alternative review of the game? Then you'd be being constructive and adding to the forum instead if just getting people reaching for the ignore button. You obviously consider yourself an authority on these matters so why not put all that anger and energy to good use!
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  14. I'm sorry I don't speak chav! Could you possibly translate that into English? Thanks
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    "Get a life you sad-act."

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