Reverting to type?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TaffJ, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. I see that Peaches Geldof has been accused yet again of shoplifting a frock or two. (Daily Wail I know but I am bored at work and came across it…honest guv)

    Peaches Geldof faces police quiz over dress theft in Camden | Mail Online

    So, do we reckon that genetics are playing a part in this in that the pikey genes she got from her dad, ‘Sir’ Bob Pikey Geldof are forcing her to steal what are probably very chav frocks.


    If her mother’s genes were to come to the forefront I suppose she might just turn into a cock-sucking, talentless, faux blonde, drug addled whore who only has a few years left to adorn the front pages of the Wail and its ilk.

    Like I said, I’m bored at work
  2. She's just a cunting attention seeker. It's a publicity stunt. Would put money on it (if i had any).
  3. Is that from her Wiki entry?
  4. No that's all my own bullshit.
  5. Credit where credit's due, you could captain the Australian bullshitting team with form like that.
  6. Have to admit, it's very well done.
  7. She's a waste of space with no discernible talent. I probably wouldn't even do her, hate to think what grungy, loser types have rattled her.
  8. I would. And she'd be handy as fuck in the tee shirt section at JJB Sports.
  9. Why, thank you gents. I was going to replace the first load of turgid bilge with some even more emotive slop, but cloudbuster quoted it before I could think of anything.

    So I thought 'fuck it', as is my wont.

    PS; she's an overpriveliged, underbrained scrubber.
  10. Is her Daddy too busy directing the relief ops in Japan to give her the attention she requires?
  11. Has he ever?