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Reverting back to 'U' mechs again, another top idea from the top or not?

I have heard on the grapevine that 'A' mechs and 'B' mechs are going to be reverting back to 'U' mechs again, to be honest it makes no odds being on what is most likely to be my last posting and having been a 'U' mech and worked on most of the kit out there from CR1/2 to Oshkosh and Drops etc. Even though i am a squat to piss 'B' mech now it never did me any harm, if anything it gave me quite a broad range of experience that has helped out on the odd occasion when i have had a numpty for a tiffy or a sproggy numb as fcuk orficer telling me the way things are and needed a fcuk off tablet with some back up behind it!

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is it due to the cluster of a posting plot from records with people of either trade posted anywhere to fill a gap for a unit that is about to deploy to Afghan, or maybe some of the younger generation cried that they needed to be close to mommy and daddy at weekends and needed the posting on their SCR form? Or perhaps the fact that a lot of the kit coming out seems to be wheeled and we seem to have less requirement for tracked vehicles due to the threats and theatres we are operating in these days? (On the final thought, i have heard that the 'A' mechs are going to be replaced by chogies, though this may be changed to training up a few of the chefs rather than kicking them out!!)
We are indeed changing the way we train our VM's. All VM's will complete the same basic course which will not include the 'A' vehicle training. The 'A' vehicle training will now be separate courses available to those who need it.
When do we get VE's back ?

To be honest the only bit of wheel reinventing I'm interested in at the moment is seeing JAMES slung on the scrap heap and a return to AB562's.........

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