Reversing decision to PVR??

Straight question...if you PVR'd, and all was going through, then you decided that maybe you are making the wrong decision by leaving the mob or circumstances changed in the interim.....whats the odds on getting the decision reversed by MCM Div.

This is a hypothetical question at the moment, but a genuine answer would be much appreciated.

Depends what trade you are and how much the Army needs you. I've known some people do it with no problem because their trades were short handed. I've known some try and do it (including one to try and force the Army to post him where he thought he deserved to go) and get a big fcuk off pill because their trade was overmanned.
You can revoked the decision on the day of leaving the camp gates. However, this is dependent on the views of your CO if he wishes to pursue the return to service,
I know two lads who signed off in March, in June decided that they made the wrong decision and retracted their decision. One go accepted by MCM and is staying th other had to give his reasons and they turned him down, he,s out in March. I think most the time its easy enough to do but MCM Div are getting p*ssed off with people trying to pull the wool so if you decide to change your mind have well thought out reasons when your asked. Good luck

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