Reverse racism is OK

Discussion in 'US' started by IvyGrad, May 18, 2009.

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  1. Black executive fired for endorsing “White and Jewish” Mayor Michael Bloomberg
    May 17, 2009, 5:05 pm


    There’s trouble in River City and the river we’re talking about is the Hudson.

    Joyce Johnson, former Field Director for Obama’s New York state presidential campaign, contends she was booted from her job as president and CEO of the Black Equity Alliance after she endorsed Bloomberg last March.

    Bloomberg, a white, Jewish Democrat turned Republican turned Independent, will run against black Democrat city Comptroller Bill Thompson.

    Johnson claims a BEA board member said “it would not look good” for the organization’s president to back Bloomberg because he is “white and Jewish.”

    Were they more against Bloomberg because he’s white or because he’s Jewish? Sammy Davis Jr was all black and all Jewish. Would he have been acceptable to the BEA? Or what about Barack Obama, who’s half black and half white and about half Christian? Would he have gotten half an endorsement?

    Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave.

    Source: TheRightPerspective
  2. And over here Harman is busy trying to make this kind of sh1t legal :x
  3. She'll have to hurry up because she'll be out on her arrrse shortly! Bloomberg will win because he runs New York like he runs his business - efficiently.
  4. I think they prefer the term "positive descrimination"
  5. Really? I prefer the term: fcuking bullsh1t. :evil:
  6. White Jewish Republican Billionaire= Mike Bloomberg.

    Who in reality shouldnt be allowed to run this time at all.

    Twice the electorate in NYC voted in Term Limits for our Politicians. Last year, Bloomberg and the City Council(Also under Term Limits) Voted to ignore the will of the people and the law.

    The early announced Democratic contenders are William Thompson, a Black(City Comptroller), Tony Avella of Italian Heritage(City Councilman from Bayside).
  7. I am sick & tired of the "hyphenated American" syndrome ... is this happening in Britain as well?
  8. Which is why I would support the use of armed force against judges, politicians, and the news media.
  9. Yup. We're now known as Great-Britain.
  10. Were known.
  11. The haunting sound of an irony-laden tumbleweed blowing past your locstat.
  12. Odd that after hundreds and hundreds of years of Britain being Great........ 60 or 70 years of having the US as an ally its gone out of the window.

    Still we can reflect on history and heritage........ The US can merely view their large framed reflection in the vulgar chrome plated rims

    Dirty Hershey bar eating wretches
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  15. No dear.