Reverend Richard - the 21st Century answer to Bonking Bob?

With Bob Stewart now an MP, the gap in the market for adding authorative military comment and gravitas to sometimes inaccurate, stereotypical and un-informed media reporting has now fallen to former CGS Sir Richard Dannatt:

Allegations like these are very serious and there must be an investigation. Everything must be done to see that this type of thing cannot be allowed to happen
Now while his record of being outspoken (naive?) when in uniform is better than most, the seniority of his position and involvement in significant decisions (such as deployment of troops on Herrick) does bring to mind the adage about people in glasshouses throwing stones (whether from the inside or out).

It would be interesting to understand what sense of personal responsibility he feels or has stated about his period in power. The main significant comment I can find is his absolute refuting of Cowper-Coles' attibution to him of "use it or lose it" comments about Army redeployment to Helmand from Basra.

So, is the Rev Dickie the right ex military media figurehead for a post modern period, when absolutes are still grey and victories have yet to be spun?

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