Revenue Source for Arrseurs??

If this knob can do it then I'm sure the top notch ARRSE posters such as Lord Flashie, MDN and a select few others could command ' premium prices' on their ' artistic outcomes '

Performance Artist, Koh, whose work adorns such places as the Charles Saatchi collection in London, has ' available' for purchase through his website certain items of ' personal adornment ' known as "Kohbunny Undies"

$ 50 used
$ 80 sh*tstained
$100 cumstained

they all are sold with ' certificates of authenticity ' and, apparently sell out quickly..
I've kept the same w@nk sock since 1992. I'm not going to sell it, I'm keeping it and it shall join me in my coffin. In 10000 years when archeologists dig me up It will have evolved into something scary and kill everyone it comes into contact with.
Alternatively perhaps it will join me in the afterlife like the Pharoes believed and I can happily bang one out for eternity. Or if the Vikings had it right it will be soaking up my man milk off a Valkeries tats.

I'm going for a lie down
i,ll have to get my exercise grollie winners specimen from the 6 armd wagon wheel,should win the turner prize at least!! :numberone:
Not to be outdone by the grollies flogging artist, this Chilean creator of ' artwork ' has gone to a new level.

Artist Marco Evaristti has ' presented' his friend with his new creation; meatballs cooked with fat from his own body extracted by liposuction..

" you are not an cannibal if you eat art " he said, describing his work. as a criticism of the plastic surgery market. the artiost produced 48 meatballs from his own fat some of which he canned and sold for $ 4000 US [ can of ten ]

He claimed that not only are his meatballs delicious, they contain less fat than supermarket meatballs..

as they say in Erie " Jayzus!! "
I would have sold my wank sock, but I cut a ping pong ball in half, made it into Sammy the Snake, and then gave it to next doors kids to play with.

Gives me a semi every time they play.
He means Eire.

Pronounced "Air'ra", the real name for what the rest of the civilised world calls Southern Ireland, and for what mongs call Mlarrland!

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