Revenue Before Responsibility?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Counter-Bluffer-Ops, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. What's the difference with "Louis Bernard" and his ever so sharp suits, Naafi credit and every other shark that the MOD has let prey on young soldiers/sailors and this latest lot?
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  2. Louis Bernard? Thanks for reminding me about that thieving shit.
    Big mistake opening a Louis the Bastard account.
  3. Apologies..... Have I just reminded you of your reckless youth? :)
  4. Auld-Yin

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    Fixed that small typo - this service is FOC during the holidays.
  5. I seem to remember some sort of insurance scam in the 60's. Eagle Star was it? Where's me medication? Nurse, Nurse! I can't remember stuff!
  6. Interesting, as I thought soldiers wern't supposed to get into debt.

    Also you can get advances on wages and hungry soldier chits for PAYD.

    Are the headshed getting out of their resposibilities.
  7. You can take the adverts out of MOD magazines if you like - soldiers will just explore other avenues of getting into debt. It's what we're best at. In fact, I might set up one of these payday loan companies myself.
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  8. Ah the joys of NAAFI Credit from that well known "non-profit making organisation".
  9. Soldiers are great customers for loan companies, as they come with their own "bailiffs, have an assured monthly income that is easily deductable at source, and are often suckers for "easy" deals

    I'm suprised that the wider economic benefits of young single uniformed spendthifts/payday millionaires weren't put forward to head off A2020 cuts.

    Pads on the other hand have no money left, are cheap and infrequent drunks and check bank balances as opposed to playing ATM roulette.
    Redundancy should be based on profligacy and protecting the wastrel
  10. What happened to selling your tele at the end of the month?

    I remember one debt ridden buffoons plan to save money involved buying a play station... and a game every week.
  11. You paid your mortgage off in all one go did you?
  12. I believe there is a 'capped' amount of debt a civvy can be in to be successful on military applications. When I was at Depot as an instructor, I think the figure was no more than 5k debt. Otherwise, that individual would have to clear some of the debt to the stated level before reapplying.

    Soldiers are always going to have car loans etc, as sluggy stated.

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  13. On a serious note, these pay day loan companies should be fcuked off.

    Too much cost, over too little time and the 'penalties' are obscene. Anyone entering the door should be sectioned.

    And I don't understand the purpose of these 'cheque converters'... who doesn't have a bank account now adays?
  14. Can't see why they're upset. Squaddies have been debt ridden little ******* since the year dot. They're such easy targets. Just look at the tax free circus which set itself up outside the main gates of just about every major barracks in Germany. These leeches have bled squaddies dry for years. They're not alone either. Soldiers have always been a good source of income for snake oil salesmen. Ripping squaddies off has been such a lucrative business, that even ex squaddies have seen it as an easy buck. The entire 'resettlement business' is another money maker.
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