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Revenge motive for Amman attack

A gunman who attacked Western tourists in Amman wanted to avenge two brothers killed during Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon, Jordanian officials say.

A Briton died and five other tourists and a policeman were wounded when Nabil Jaaoura opened fire on them at the capital's Roman amphitheatre on Monday.

Mr Jaaoura, a Jordanian of Palestinian origin, acted alone, officials say.

He waited until his children had grown up before carrying out the attack, according to his confession.

"The criminal admitted during investigations that he wanted to avenge two of his brothers, members of Palestinian organisations, who were killed in an Israeli raid on Lebanon in 1982," government spokesman Nasser Joudeh said.

Five other tourists were injured in Monday's attack - two British women as well as tourists from New Zealand, the Netherlands and Australia.

Eyewitnesses said the attacker approached the tourists shouting "God is great" in Arabic before firing at least 12 shots at the small group.


Twenty five years and he can't come up with a better (or more accurately targeted) plan than that? Muppet!

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