Revenge is a dish best served cold (apparently).....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo2nothing, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. I was sitting here in my tower, overlooking the dross of The Sun's website when I came across this PAGE. Inviting isn't it?

    Being as imaginative as a goldfish, I knew from the outset I would need to enlist some help but it got my mind thinking. Within the full glare of the internet, could we, the bold collective of Arrse, construct a military related story to entrap our man Newton-Dunce and expose the idiot for what he is?

    As far as I see it, there are three potential outcomes from this capper, the first being that if ND happens to cast an eye over this little scheme, he'll research his stories a little further, for fear of being made to look a prick by Arrse.

    Secondly, if he doesn't see this, we manage to cobble together a story and get them to publish it, the 'plot' as it were, was already in the public domain and we'll have made ND look a prick for not having researched his stories.

    The third outcome is that this idea gets quashed by the Admin's and is sent to the hole.

    So I am looking for 'volunteers' and a credible story that can be beefed up with photos.

  2. Newton-Dunce touched me, when i was a choirboy.
  3. So we can copy and paste an old Sun article and sue them if they don't stump up?
  4. Bravo why dont you sell a story of Allegedly pisssed off soldiers making stories up to get them to cough up cash, ah ha , see where coming from.
  5. Gespatcho soup is a dish best served cold
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I love the line "..a reporter will check the facts..."

    i.e. "... a reporter will see if the facts will make a juicy story, and if they don't will make some up..."
  7. Captain Deepthroat - A high priced whore in Whitehall tells all?

    Rent an Army helicopter. Squaddies offering sight seeing tours to wealthy American tourists?

    Squaddies throwing potatoes at 'terrorists' in Iraq due to shortage of rounds?
  8. We'd need to find the whore in question though. Has anyone asked Dale?
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    This could be another Sven sheihk sting but only much funnier. Ity will have to be lewd, tales of injured squaddies wont interest him. A senior officer bonking someone elses wife would be good or better still a planned coup!
  10. I think if we start planning for that, it would quickly become reality.
  11. Planned coup, nah, we might just give away the real one.
  12. I'm in, it crossed my mind today also, little fcuker that he is. It has to be lurid and involve "top brass" and "sex shocker" and possible "tipped for the top" for extra points, happy to help in anyway i can, Mods be willing.
  13. How about it involved some dodgy shenanigans on behalf of a rival rag?

    You know, 'Daily Andrex in honeypot sting shame' - a lurid tale of unscrupulous editors conspiring to drag the name of HM forces into the mud by entrapping Senior Officers in a web of sex and betrayal.
    By Gum, I've come over all aquiver...
  14. We can't use these theyre all based on fact :)
  15. Keep it simple. Talk of coups, blood on the streets, tanks on Whitehall, never sold a single copy.

    Tits. Think tits. It's the Scum. It's gonna take tits, and lots of them.