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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by r_gmt, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. Dear all

    Just broke up with the Girlfriend, She had a paid for a couple of joint adventures of ours so being decent I coughed up and squared everything away. Then I find out she's using the money to go on holiday this week with male mutual acquaintance of ours.

    Not f*cking on.

    So anyone know how I can have the slag added to the no fly list? A bit of backdoor ******* wouldn't go a miss either?
  2. Forget it, life is too short and no right minded individual would follow up on any of the suggestions you're likely to get on here.
  3. What a horribly sensible and mature answer.
  4. Why don't you just cancel the flights/trip? (IF insured...)

    Edit - ah, you owed her. Best to perhaps sit back and take moral high ground. Don't do anything you may regret later on. Sorry!
  5. Well as it's money you owed, then it's hers to do with as she wishes :D
    Just piss through her letter box while shes away :lol:
  6. Sorry to say, indulging in a spot of revenge whilst momentarily giving you a "high" may lead to regret - especially if she makes a complaint to Plod. FWIW, move on. And hope she has a freak accident whilst she's away (note: accident).

    Conficius said: "Before leaving on a mission of revenge, first, dig two graves".
  7. As said above, carry on with your life and NEVER call immigration claiming that two drug mules are coming back on flight XYZ from "insert country" and give a good description of one or both. :twisted:
  8. No, the advice is sensible, just take it on the chin and put it down to experience. Absolutely nothing to do with a well-constructed e-mail and/or Facebook to be widely distributed showing her cheek, and no adverts in her local shops while she is away. Finally don't even think about a box of prawns* through her letterbox while she is away to stink out the flat.

    * Heat them before you go to start the process, pissing on them through the letterbox would help too. At least it would if you were the type to do this which we have established that you are absolutely not.
  9. Revenge is a dish best served cold. At an appropriate moment in the future, hire yourself a lucious escort and parade her in front of the ex. Be sure to observe at some point that it's funny how things work out for the best. :)
  10. Did you dump her? If so, tough sh1t
  11. The escort idea is nice, though I probably wouldn't have to pay to get someone pretty to do it. Something for later.

    The drugs mules idea, that is definetly more like it. No fly lists, etc etc. I should add that I've procured the address she is going to be staying at in Prague(she's cadging it off my mate!!). Anyone know about nasty b*astard's prague?

    But then turning the other cheek, does have it's positives.
  12. Its her money and her life. She can do as she chooses. The advice that you should do nothing is good. Move on. Concentrate on your own life which now has nothing to do with your ex.

    Anything that involves you in criminal or quasi criminal behaviour puts you at risk. Wasting the time and resources of the immigration/customs/police is (a) criminal behaviour, and (b) downright stupid - what if they are wasting their time and resources on her while a real drug smuggler/terrorist is slipping through unnoticed?

    Causing damage to her home is likewise criminal behaviour, and you will be personally at risk of being fingered for it.
  13. I worked with a guy who had elaborate plans for his neighbours for when he moved out(neighbours occasionally moaned about him playing music at 2am - go figure) ....
    Plan involved a postal tube - about the size of your average letterbox. And a box of live mice.
    (No one pinched his sandwiches out of the fridge)

    Not worth it. Two years from now will be a dim and distant memory.
  14. There's a bit of nastiness in Prague but not much.

    EDIT to add: The advice to do nothing whatsoever remains sound.
  15. Why go for her? Go for him, he was probably doing her behind your back anyway.