Revelations show ADF's disturbing culture of abuse

"JOHN, ABUSE VICTIM: He took me back to his room, take off my clothes and then penetrated me"

With a surname like that, how the **** did he not see it coming?
18 is no kiddie, if you're 18 and you let some 50 year old kick your back doors in then I suspect you were up for it.
Can't remember now whose book it was but I remember the story of some British Officer seconded to Oman and the one eyed, one armed old storeman who had raped one of the young soldiers. Old Storeman is sent to jail and so is the young lad for not putting up a fight against a cripple.
No, Bushmills,

these type of complaints are not without foundation. I served a few years at 1RTB Kapooka and at other training establishemnts. I'm ashamed that these abuses occurred in Australian military bases - but it's a fact that they did. However, on the good side is that the majority of the abuses were, in my experience (and I was part of the disciplinary process) investigated, resulting in both officers and NCOs being hurriedly and usually discretely discharged.

Thiese cases - the majority - seldom make their way into the popular press because firstly, it's never publicised (the miscreant wishing to slink away into civilian life) without any damaging publicity, and because the victim usually wasn't going to make it in the military environment anyway . However, twenty years later when thiis individual realises that perhaps there's a dollar to be made out of a compensation claim, then the tabloids get hold of it.


Over the last 3 or 4 years ,the culture of sexual abuse in the ADF has been well publised and the compliants of commanding officers handling these criminals with velvet gloves and ostracizing the victims into silence usually by posting them beyond the black stump, it is a common practise here in australia to go screaming into outrage when something like this happens in another country, but when it happens in their own back yard it is quietly covered up, and god help anyone who goes public!!

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