Reveived your begging letter?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by oldbaldy, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. oldbaldy

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  2. Not got one yet this year, but certainly received one in the past. Sadly as a serving soldier I am probably not in the best position to have the disposable income to make a large contribution. I am sure that some of the old and bold now coining it in in the City could probably write some large cheques!
  3. How is this donation to be made - is it a charitable trust? How do we donate? I am serving and couldn't give a lot, but then if all officers gave only a £10 it would definitely help. I would be happy to preserve the Chapel and IAMR they are both wonderful.
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    If someone is to donate, are they able to reap the benefits, e.g. are you able to go and view the art/chapel?
  5. It is an appeal to join the Sandhurst Foundation now that it has been revamped and not just for the benefit of the people employed by it! Here is the full text:


    I am writing this letter to seek your personal support for the Royal Military Academy’s Foundation, known as the ‘Sandhurst Foundation’. The Foundation has been in existence since 2004 and now has some 2500 members. You may be one of them? However, growing the membership and thereby the income to the Foundation is becoming ever more important. Let me explain further.

    The original intent behind the Sandhurst Foundation was to create an ‘alumnus’ organisation to strengthen links between serving and retired officers, and to provide a forum to exploit Sandhurst’s reputation as a world class proponent for the development and practical application of leadership training. Members of the Foundation also benefit from being able to have access to Sandhurst to arrange reunions and to host major family events such as weddings and christenings. There is an annual journal, the Wishstream, and a monthly electronic newsletter.

    Major General David Rutherford-Jones’ intent is to rejuvenate the Foundation for the existing membership, organise and run more events, and at the same time grow the membership. As a first step in this process, I am delighted that the King of Bahrain has kindly agreed to be the Foundation’s Patron. The King’s generosity has enabled Sandhurst to reduce the cost of membership to just £10 annually (from £32), which I hope will attract more alumni to join. In parallel, the Commandant is ensuring renewed impetus to the events the Foundation hosts – reunions, dinner nights with key note speakers, a more capable and interactive website, and is considering, from next year, offering a battlefield tour service. A combination of His Majesty’s generosity, a larger membership and increased activity will allow the Foundation to generate a more substantial income, managed by a Board of Trustees, for re-investment in Sandhurst.

    Generating income for the Foundation, other than to cover its running costs, had not been a key objective until now. However, it is increasingly evident that maintenance of the fabric, chattels, artefacts, some presentational aspects of the Royal Memorial Chapel, the Sandhurst historical collection, the decoration and presentational standard of some of the historical rooms at Sandhurst will be beyond that which we can expect the public purse to maintain. Thus without some capital, the Academy may find it increasingly difficult to maintain fully everything that we expect of it. It would be prudent therefore to plan to generate an income stream, which in time will enable us to preserve that part of the institution which may not be regarded as vital to the core business of training and educating our future officers, but which is nonetheless, an extremely important part of the institution of Sandhurst. The Foundation provides an ideal platform by which we can develop this income stream, without significantly burdening individuals; the alumni, serving and retired number in excess of 50,000.

    So I urge you to think seriously about becoming a member of the Foundation, and encourage others you know to do likewise. From my personal perspective Sandhurst is important, as it shapes the capability and style of our Officers, which in turn sets the character, finesse and reputation of the British Army. Sandhurst is a national icon, a brand that sets an unparalleled standard. As an institution, it holds an important position in UK society; Sandhurst also has significant international reach. And, most importantly, it is the spiritual home of our Officer Corps. In every respect, therefore, our Royal Military Academy is a unique selling point of the British Army and I believe it absolutely right that we get behind it.

    With this in mind, please take the time to go the Foundation’s website at where you will find an application form. I am grateful to you.

  6. I have yet to receive the letter. I am not sure that we should fund this out of our pockets. MOD is happy to take the money of foreign students and slip it into the treasury pockets. Why should the treasury not pay? It is another way of the govt expecting charity to fund national treasures.

    I am afraid that my answer will be no. I expect many will just not reply at all.
    The Sandhurst Foundation was a great idea when it started as a centre for discussion on leadership etc and a bit of an old boy's club. Now it is being 'forced' to pay for the fabric of the Academy, albiet only the non educational bits, it is going to have to devote most of its activities to fund raising which is not what it was founded for. we shuld let the place fall down and point the finger at the vandals that let it happen.

    I wonder what Gen Dannatt was told by the bastards at the treasury when he said they needed money to keep the place going? I also wonder what he said back.

    Sorry General You are not going to have my money. Much as I think the Chapel is beautiful and the IAMR is equally marvellous; if the previous Lord Chancellor can have millions to sort out his little London pied a terre out of the public purse - without having to let people traipse through it- then RMA should have the same treatment.

    I am probably in for some stick over this. So be it.
  7. Guns

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    We have similar thing for the Navy with the Britannia Association. Good networking and they have a few do's a year to allow people to meet up.
  8. I posted my last before the letter waqs posted by barbs.

    My point remains - why should we accept that:

    However, it is increasingly evident that maintenance of the fabric, chattels, artefacts, some presentational aspects of the Royal Memorial Chapel, the Sandhurst historical collection, the decoration and presentational standard of some of the historical rooms at Sandhurst will be beyond that which we can expect the public purse to maintain.

    Surely we should expect the public purse to maintain it. It is a government owned institution. I bet the treasury get their share of any fees charged to use the facilities by outside organisations.
  9. Mod edit: if you can't contribute constructively without resorting to abuse, then don't bother.
  10. Do you lot have to pay for the upkeep of Dartmouth?
  11. I'll do Sir Richard a deal - If he lets me take the 50 odd days leave I'm owed (or gives me cash in lieu, a la Danish Army), I'll make a contribution to the Sandhurst Foundation.

    Oh, but I only have 4 days left to take those 50, before they roll into next year miraculously reduced to 15 days...

    And don't ask me how I accrued so much leave, it's very complicated (or not - no time to take leave), but it involved special dispensation to carry over ALOT into this leave year, which then didn't get taken.
  12. lets get the cash to those who need it, wounded troops etc.. not bloody paintings!
  13. I already pay for the upkeep of Sandhurst through my Income Tax.

    My Mess has plaster falling off the ceiling, holes in the walls, rooms uninhabitable through damp and neglect and chipboard used to replace windows instead of glass.

    If Sandhurst declines it will give OCdts a more realistic view of what to expect when they commission!
  14. Never been there but its a bit rich asking for cash for up keep

    I have similar feeling towards the H4H pool. FFS the thieving tw+ts in government should find a way to stump up.

    They even get a high price budget to furnish their second homes in londinium.................Feckingweasels

    Makes my p+ss boil
  15. My contribution was constructive. It was a criticism of the general for asking us to contribute to the upkeep of a public building when he's never asked us to give generously to any of the extremely deserving charities.

    My point that he puts asking us to help old buildings but has never asked us to cough up for those other good charities is extremely valid.

    Mod- Are you a "Yesman" and don't like me criticising the powers-that-be?