Reveille for Shameless families?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BarkingSpider, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Reveille for 'Shameless' families?

    Hazel Blears really is a fool if she thinks this will work. I'll believe it when I see it.

    But it begs the question whether arrse should offer its services to a good cause like this. Dragging lazy arrsed chavs and neds out of bed and marching them off to the work houses, and ensuring their kids go to school?

    Sounds like a plan to me. :D

    And hasn't she just got a face you'd like to smack?

  2. Is this part of Broon's job creation scheme? We employ a shed load of people to go round and wake up another shed load of people for work. Who in turn are employed to wake up others for work???? This smacks of sheer genius.
  3. Smack her face with wot ?? :twisted:
  4. she has been using Homer Simpsons make up gun by the looks of things.
  5. A cricket bat, and hopefully it'l knock some sense into her as well.

    I propose a different way of getting the idle tw*ts up, stop paying the c*nts for doing feck all!
  6. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Exactly - rocket science it is not.

    "We're paying them all this money and they're not going to work. We should spend more money making them get a job!"

    No, c*cknose, you should cut it out at source. Either they'll all starve and die, get killed by an irate homeowner they try to burgle, or they'll do something productive. Everyone wins.

  7. Now that is a workable plan! This useless stupid cow should be made to pay for the fcuking air she uses :x

    This is on a par with the shite about making everyone an apprentice so we have no unemployed :frustrated:

  8. Why do they not just tell these "'Shameless' families" that their benefits will be cut if they do not send their kid's to school and if they do not report to the job centre every day to look for work again their benefits will be cut. This would solve alot of problems and save alot of money and time employing people who are going to be told to "F off I'm on nights in a job" (Job i have not declared and am claiming benefits for being a. sick, b. depressed etc) it really gets my goat.

    Give them jobs in the community to help pay their benefits and if they don't do them again slash the benefits. It is not rocket science and it is only a bit of common, but the liebour gubment have no common, have no balls to do it and are not really interested anyway. :x :x
  9. My bare hand, right across her cheek, really hard so it makes my hand sting too, then I'd know I was getting the message through to her.

    Much more satisfying than a cricket or baseball bat.

    Then I'd wash my hands of course. Twice.
  10. I'm sure you are ready with an answer!


  11. Before I rant, I understand that we have a right to feed and house people in this country.....right enough of the leftie crap......

    Stop giving them money! Take away all their little luxuries (cars, sky TV, fags, booze) and give them food, fuel and light, clothing and transport vouchers for which they have to turn up at a focal point for each day and complete a work programme such as cleaning up the streets and helping the elderly ect, ect.

    If they don't turn up - simple they don't eat. Of course the food would be proper stuff they'd have to prepare and cook and not rubbish straight in the microwave/deep fat fryer crap - the government could do a deal with the local smaller greengrocers/butchers ect instead of using the big supermarkets in which the spongers could trade in their vouchers for food, this might help keep them in business too.

    Also stop giving houses away to stupid little girls who get knocked up at the age of 13, these spongers shouldn't be allowed to have anything bigger than a 2 bed, the bigger houses are for those who work hard for this country and actually contribute, why should we pay for some little tart who opens her legs for a means to get bigger houses and more benefits.

    Face it - if you owned a business and someone didn't pull their weight - you'd sack them or at best dock their wages, so why do we have to keep coughing up for the idle spongers of this country.

    As for those detained at Her Majesty's pleasure and immigrants don't get me started