Revealed: The secret Soviet past of sleaze peer Truscott

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. Just when Lord Trustcott thought it couldn't get any worse (assuming the below is true of course!):

  2. He married a piece of Russian totty? In 1991. Goodness. Straight to Traitors' Gate with him. I mean it's not as if he was even a real Communist like Broon or Straw?

    And the double eagle? Russia, Poland, anything that used to be in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But nationalist, not communist.
  3. So whars new, half the cabinet where card carrying members of the commy party in their student days, thats why they shoudn't be trusted
  4. [/quote]

    I take it his Russian wife is rich. These peerages don't come cheap you know!
  5. He uses an Imperialist Russian device as his heraldic crest? I expect he's partial to the odd tipple of Lemon Vodka too. Good Lord, it's 1917 and the Reds are at the gates all over again. Someone better have a word with the Mercians quick!

    What a lot of b*lls , still, it's an ideal opportunity to out KGB_Resident as the noble Lord :D
  6. Or Domovoi as the noble Lord's wife. :)
  7. Ooooo Good Point WC! Come on Domovoy, hold your hands up to it :D
  8. No doubt the Daily Wail will soon reveal a portrait taken before the trip to the barber:

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  9. Nothing to do with the fact that the Daily Mail don't like the Labour Party either. Entertaining story none the less.
  10. Must be some truth in it or the Mail wouldnt have published it! Corrupt b'stard
  11. PTP I never suspected you were a pervert :twisted:

    Mark you she is real cold weather keep yourself warm material!

    Did someone mention Lemon Vodka? Just a small one please.
  12. Just a mental image of her advancing up the Duvet malice aforethought and "Zo, we meet again Meeester Truscott.." Can't blame the bloke for marrying her with indecent haste really :D
  13. Bit expensive though £72,000 is a bit steep. Or have I misread the headline?

    Mind you if it's tax deductible ....................
  14. He'll never have to go out for borscht again.Living the dream surely?!