Revealed, the MoD penpusher who got an £84,000 bonus

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. Revealed, the MoD penpusher who got an £84,000 bonus (that's FIVE times the salary of a squaddie fighting in Afghanistan)
    Last updated at 3:18 AM on 30th January 2010
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    Keen golfer: Archie Hughes, chief executive of the Defence Support Group, has been paid bonuses of more than £200,000 in two years
    A civil servant who was paid a staggering £84,000 bonus can today be revealed as Ministry of Defence consultant Archie Hughes.
    News of his extra payment, five times as much as a soldier earns for a year in Afghanistan or Iraq, caused outrage this week when it was admitted by Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth.
    But the £84,000, paid in the year to April 2009, is only the tip of the iceberg. In the previous year, 49-year-old Mr Hughes received a bonus of £126,000.
    He has received more than half a million pounds in pay and bonuses in two years for running part of the MoD which has been severely criticised for its failings.
    Mr Hughes is chief executive of the Defence Support Group, which is responsible for the service and repair of military equipment deployed in Afghanistan.

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  2. All aboard!

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  3. What the F*** could he have done to get that much wonger, how many pens was he pushing FFS
  4. The article describes him as a consultant, and also as Chief Exec of Defence Support Group. Does anyone know what his status is? Is that group a part of MoD? Or is it a quasi-govt agency thingie?
  5. Oooh, an Outrage Bus thread.

    How fcuking interesting.

    Would a balanced analysis as to why this man got the bonus be in order, before the usual suspects get their mong passes out for inspection?
  6. Chief Executive
    Archie Hughes

    Archie Hughes is responsible to the Owner and Parliament for delivering the strategic aims and objectives of the business and providing corporate governance leadership.

    Archie was DARA's Chief Executive from January 2004 until he assumed responsibility for the merger of ABRO and DARA in July 2007 to form the Defence Support Group when he took on the role of Chief Executive. He has extensive experience in changing business culture; delivering improved business performance; and acquiring, integrating and managing high technology engineering and manufacturing businesses in the Defence and Aerospace Industries. An honours graduate from Strathclyde University, he was previously Chief Executive of Vickers Defence Systems (VDS), encompassing Specialist Engines and Vickers OMC as well as the Main Battle Tank and Military Bridging businesses.
  7. The Daily Mail seems to be on a campaign to raise blood pressure in those who can't think for themselves.
    "Read this... now GET REALLY ANNOYED!" seems to be the formula.
  8. £84,000 for a bonus!!
    This gentleman must have pulled some amazing feats of consulting to get this one, the savings he alone generated must be greater than this amount for the MoD to feel that he "earnt" it.

    B0ll0cks missed the bus, "what times the next one please".

    They should pay the troops a bonus for killed the most Terrys with the least amount of rounds. Now thats increased productivity.
  9. I read that he delivered 5 million pounds of savings through efficiency restructuring.

    Good enough for you?
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Not his fault if it's in his contract and he's entitled to then why shouldn't he get it
    I wouldn't turn it down
    It's the people who write the contract we should be looking at
  11. Will admit I don't know the nuts and bolts on this one, but if he delivered the saving that you say, then yes I would agree he deserves the "Bonus".
    But then again we have a current government that are about "efficiency savings" as a way of reducing our national deficit.
    Most of it is "smoke and mirrors" and very rarely delivers such massive savings.

    Time will tell..

  12. Point 1: Take it down to the Nuts-and-Bolts and all he done was the job that he's paid to do.

    Point 2: Which to me, and call me old fashioned, is exactly what myself and the rest of my sub-unit done when we were restructured and re-rolled after disbandment of our Regiment which subsequently led to us be re-equipped with an new weapons system. And then, just to keep us on our toe's, we then done it all again to another new system 3 years later. We didn't get a bonus, nor did we ask or want for one.

    So, what exactly has he done that's so fricking special that deserves an £84k fcuking bonus....?
  13. No its not. Why are we paying him? To do a job!
  14. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I would have thought senior executives all over (like salesmen) would be on salary plus bonus in order to ensure they didn't just draw their salary for entertaining on the golf course. It's a case of how savvy the negotiators are when a suitable candidate applies. If X's performance meets criteria, he gets the bonus. Simples.

    I could think of a large company some decades ago where the management decided its salesmen were earning 'too much' so cut back on the commission element. So the best salesmen all left and were hired by the opposition.

    if a job can recruit the desired numbers that's proof the pay is right. In 1979 the Blessed Margaret, inheriting Armed Forces where recruiting was collapsing under Callaghan, raised service pay 32% to put that right. It's called the free market.
  15. I think that some people need to get their heads out of their arrses and try to understand how things are done in civvy street. He is to be applauded for negotiating his contract in the manner that he has. It has also given the man a stimulus to do his job to the maximum of his abilities. I know that there will be those that this will seem like an alien concept, but that's how things work. It's called incentive and if the man delivers, then so be it. If you'd rather that the MOD employ mediocre managers, then you will get what you pay for. I'd think that you might already know some civil servants that fit that profile already.

    Pay peanuts, get monkeys.