Revealed: the fatal failures behind Dunblane

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Minxy, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. Dunblane Childrens Massacre

    Cullen Report 1996
  2. Taken from Police Oracle:

    No Really?????
  3. so the police man thought he was a bit odd and did'nt take his guns off him WTF?
    I have expressed my thought on this means that some civi gun club members were a bit waltish but not that I did'nt feel safe near them.
    (although mocking some who's holding a firearm is possibly not a good idea) also I'd really like that hour back I spent listening to some explain hand loading to me :(
    But this was a trained copper he felt intimidated plus notes to social services plus notes about suspected child abuse plus he'd been kicked out of the scouts Barstards
  4. When he turned up at the local pistol club as a prospective member (iirc Callander) they were so alarmed by his behaviour that they wrote to the police and described him as someone unfit to hold a firearm.

    Still £150M of compensation for pistols later we can all be thankfull that the level of firearms crime involving handguns has dropped so far.
  5. Foil-hat time, but whenever I read of people in positions of power dismissing allegations of possible paedophile activity and instructing the concerned to desist from investigating further, I always wonder what it is that they don't want being uncovered...
  6. That is of course if all the compensation was ever paid out, my father is still waiting for compensation for the old revolver we used as an emergency humane killer.
  7. many handguns have gone underground when many of them sussed quite rightly that Govt are notoriously slow in paying anybody compo, as to gun crime it has increased most criminal already have access to ilegal handguns, semi auto and automatic weapons all of which are supposedly elimnated.
    criminal do not obey laws hence they are criminals they weapons are smuggeled in.
  8. And of course the government respond by putting tighter controls on us law abiding fire arms holders.

    C u n t s

    so the main point from all this is the guy was deemed a nut job before the "incident" and nothing was done about it, he had his little party, the act cost the tax payer millions and a direct result is that hand gun crime is up to a record high and a score of dead kids?

  9. I was always of the belief that this episode helped bLair into government and I have always felt betrayed by a country that I served could turn round and tell me I was unfit to hold a pistol for legitimate target shooting.
    It will be interesting to what comes out of this, I understand that Big Ears (Charles Clarke) may allow us to field a British pistol team for London 2012 that for once will have been trained in the UK.
  10. I heard a credible tinfoil hat theory that involved one or two (now very senior) coppers willing to turn a blind eye to Hamilton's activities because he "knew" some people they "knew". Not so much a paedophile conspiracy (the wackiest one has UK participation in the Iraq war arising from Bliar's complicity in a paedo ring) but a more mundane story of institutional corruption.
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Did legal handguns go underground? Anyone trying that would have had short shrift from the Polizei. My father in law was virtually comatose and a few weeks from death when a posse from the Met came round to seize his war-trophy pistol. It didn't stop them from threatening him with prosecution, although he was too far gone to understand what they were saying to him.
  12. Lord Cullen was heard to say after the enquiry that he had wasted 3 months of his life. He recommended no changes to the existing firearms law, just proper enforcement of it. The John Major govt, spurred on by the Shadow Home Sec (T.Bliar) and the likes of Ann Pearston and the Snowdrop appeal, said "thanks for you time Lord Cullen, but we're going to ban handguns anyway!".

    The firearms owners/user groups had kept a low profile in the media prefering instead to present thier evidence and argument to Lord Cullen, hoping that his report would be what the Govt acted on rather than media/public pressure. They duly got stiffed. The £150 per pistol offered was derisory at best and bordering on legitimsed theft at worst.

    When TB came to power and banned .22" pistols he made 12 Olympic events illegal in the UK. Now that's a legacy! Can't stop I'm off to archery practice...
  13. By the way I heard one of the Dunblane fathers being tortured on Radio Four's Moral Maze some months later it went something like this...

    Dunblane Father "Handguns should be banned because that's what the people want. MPs should listen to the people and vote to ban handguns."
    Show host "what about the death penalty?
    DF "That's a matter of concience for the MPs."
    Show host "But public opinion is overwhelmingly in favour of the return of the death penalty. Why shouldn't MPs listen to the public and do what the public want?"
    DF "Well, er it's a matter of concience."
    SH "But you want the MPs to do want the public want."
    DF "er er er"
    SH "What do you think would be a suitable punishment for Thomas Hamilton, had he not committed suicide?"
    DF "He's dead, it's a hypothetical question. I don't have to answer that question."
    SH "This programme is called the Moral Maze and the whole point of it is to answer hypothetical questions."
    DF "er er er"

    Show host,"If Thomas Hamilton hadnt' committed suicide should we bring back the death penalty for him?
  14. I don't know if it was a conspiracy or just sheer incompetance, but the authorities allowed Hamilton to keep firearms when anyone with a double figure IQ could have worked out that this was a Bad Idea.
    I would to think that the fiscal, police etc would be punished for failing in their duty to protect the public.
    But I'm not going to hold my breath.
  15. One of the most insidious conspiracy theories I've heard in relation to both Hamilton and Ryan (of Hungerford infamy) is that they were allowed to retain weapons against obvious evidence in the belief that they would eventually do something terrible enough that it could be used as justification for prohibition.
    It seems insane but then consider the amount of high-profile airgun related crimes that have come to light recently where the criminal had a long history of misusing airguns yet the police ignored it. Now we have a considerable media campaign for a ban or at least restrictions.