Revealed: Next 10 for I'm A Celebrity Get me Out of Here

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ozgerbobble, Nov 17, 2004.

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  1. No They should volunteer the island for an accidental nuclear testing mid series

  2. It should be set on the Pitcairn Islands to deepen the gene pool a bit

  3. Yes its the best thing on TV bar Enders

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  1. God give me strength.................more shite reality TV
    :roll: :x
    The 10 celebrities chosen for the fourth instalment of I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! have been named. The line-up for the show - which starts on Sunday - includes Antonio Fargas, who played Huggy Bear in Starsky and Hutch, reformed drug addict Sophie Anderton and sexy underwear model Nancy Sorrell.Sorrell, married to comic Vic Reeves, has been made joint 5/1 favourite to win, along with fellow beauties ex-All Saint Natalie Appleton and former Gossard model Anderton.

    Also heading Down Under are journalist Janet Street-Porter, former royal butler Paul Burrell, Three Degrees singer Sheila Ferguson, club owner Fran Cosgrove and comedian Joe Pasquale.

    William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said: "It looks a far more open contest this time, you just cannot be sure how the celebs are going to react to the rigours of the jungle."

    The other odds are Harvey and Burrell 7/1, Street-Porter 8/1, Cosgrove, Pasquale, Fargas 10/1 and Ferguson 12/1.

  2. How difficult would it be to convince George W that the island contained Bin Ladin? That way he could flatten both the island and it's inhabitants.

    Besides if they good ole USAF missed, they'd only hit Austrailia, so no great loss there.
  3. Surely the most important question is which one of the birds is going to get her baps out in order to boost her ratings? :D
  4. The word "Celebrity" is only loosely applied in this case, if I may suggest replacing the word Celebrity with; Washed up has beens of no real interest, who might be on someones Z list.....once.

    I do hope the smarmy twat Burrell, suffers greatly. I hope he stays to the end and gets pipped at the post by another nonentity.
  5. They should rename it " Im a has been and never was. So eave me here." :evil:
  6. I imagine they'll take Street-Porters teeth out and give them back to the horse she borrowed them from to level the playing field and bring in a manmeat bush tucker challenge for Burrell :twisted:
  7. It would appear the Gene pool is empty :roll:
  8. Do people who watch this kind of stuff have no life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I wonder if Joe Pasquale knows a song that will get on their nerves...... :lol:
  10. am constantly wondering what i am missing! i haven't got the foggiest idea who most of these people are and i still manage to have some sort of life! The torygraph, of all papers, had a picture of the singers for the new band aid song the other day. Hadn't got a clue who the majority of them were, or what music/records they have made either! Am i just a sad old git?
  11. If so I will happily join you in sad old git land! The "celeb" circus is sooooooooooo dull


    just read who these "celebs" are in metro - CAN THEY BE LEFT ON THE ISLAND FOR KEEPS?
  12. Join the club of "Sad old gits with a life" :) I for one really couldn't give a tinkers cuss about a load "fcuk knows who" stuck in the jungle. Balls to 'em