Revealed: Indian troops in Afghanistan


Revealed: Indian troops in Afghanistan [Jonathan Foreman]

The newspapers here in Delhi reported yesterday that two Indian soldiers were killed by a suicide in Afghanistan in the SouthWestern province of Nimroz. It's a particularly interesting fact because the presence of Indian troops in Afghanistan has gone unreported in the West (perhaps some of the journalists in Kabul need to get out of town more) and is little talked about here.

In fact there are at least 1,000 Indian paramilitary soldiers of the 'Indo-Tibetan Border Police' and the 'Border Roads Organization' — an adjunct to the Indian military similar to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers — operating in Afghanistan.

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I suspect it's got more to do with not upsetting the Pakistanis - whose cooperation we need at least for the time being, and who would NOT be happy to have Indian troops on two sides of them...
The Indian troops have been in Afghanistan for a long time.

They are there to construct roads and the ITBP is there to protect those that are constructing roads etc.

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