Revealed: How To Win The Lottery

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Random_Task, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Revealed: How To Win The Lottery
    Yahoo News
    Oh so simple!
  2. RT,

    Why did you have to let the cat out the bag?? Or are you proposing an ARRSE Syndicate!?
  3. Bugg*er!

    I'll go halves with you BigRed, 60/40, sound fair? :D
  4. Certainly easier than buying 14milion different tickets!
  5. Still, spending £17 a week on lotto for 6 months is outside the means of most. I might try it on a rollover, see what comes up.

  6. I have been doing the lottery since it began with not even a ten pound win. I struggle also obviously when abroad at being able to play the national lottery always depending on friends and family to get the ticket. Ive always enjoyed the lottery but find it especially hard when on tour. Recently though found a web site that increases your odds dramatically. I have yet to have a major win but so far a hundred times better then previously. If your interested check the website at It's worked for me and now i can play where ever i am in the world no matter what i'm doing.
  7. I won a £10 three times.
  8. Do theystill spend the money on leftie charities etc?