Reveal his new identity…..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cityloyal, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. Why, what will it achive?
  2. I do believe the views of most of this forum have been aired already.



    And here.


    And there are probably more...
  3. Can't beat a good bit of self righteous indignation can you, shall I first parade the bus?
  4. Not at all, I find it hard to hate a person who was dragged kicking and screaming through his infant years exposed to violence, sex and various forms of abuse, a lot of children would potentially have turned out similar.
  5. Yes please and don't forget the fizzy drinks and family sized popcorns.
  6. With any luck, someone will be along shortly to explain why a primary-school aged boy should have been executed. If we're really lucky we might get a poem and a few angry smilies as well...
  7. He's not a schoolchild now though is he..
  8. It looks my post half way down the page on the first link may actually be correct.
  9. I reckon with his bit of bird behind him he would smash you all over the place..

    Go on, admit it, facing Johnno with a shank in his hand would make you sh*t your pants

  10. I know, you just want to see justice done. Your justice and it involves torture and murder. Nice aren't you, don't find yourself in the dock one day.
  11. Jebus. Juan -- you are, I believe, showing some form of empathy.

    Please promise that normal JRIII service will be resumed at some stage? :p
  12. Why would i find myself in the dock??…I don't go round murdering schoolchildren and looking at child porn…you on the other hand sound like a likely candidate, friend of yours was he?