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Discussion in 'RLC' started by andypaddock, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. I've been given some scope to start revamping the RLC pages within ArmyNET and would welcome any feedback regarding progress so far and what people expect to see.
  2. The truth would be a start!
  3. The truth, you can't handle the truth...
  4. How about a "Hot or Not" interactive tab for all the females serving in the CORPS.

    Sod it, just call it the "Not or Not" tab.
  5. I know 8 Regt have hopped backwards and forwards between UK and BFG. C'mon Andy, get with the programme, you've got them under the UK tab.
  6. Sorry, changing it now.

    No excuse (apart from being AD, Black Economy and E2 for my whole career)
  7. What about a google earth type page that shows every location of RLC major and minor units? It will show potential recruits and serving Pers the options available.

    When you hone in on a location you could even get a quote from a Pte that is stationed there, saying what they have been upto in the last 12 Months. Ambitious but I think it would look the nuts.
  8. Its work in progress, just waiting for some feedback from the RLC community.

    I was thinking of including the address and dialling codes.

    I have started a POL point google map which needs input (need to know what fuel they have and if there's 24 hour access)
  9. Well dont bother putting the home of Army Petrol on it. Not a POL point in sight!!!!
  10. Is the email system working within Armynet Ive sent a few emails your way as an ACMS user and no reply or action has been done ?
  11. I've been getting emails all day. PM me on here if you like
  12. I could most likely identify most POL points on the map but that doesn't tell anyone if its available 24 hrs or if it has civ gas (if thats what you call it) etc. All i need is a link to a map on google with a few details of the pol point.

    I take it you are volunteering, thanks so much.
  13. West Moors, where Defence Fuels Group is based as well as the 3 Services oils and lubes including Jerricans of fuel doesnt even have a POL point. Its Agency Card to the local Sainsburys. That includes Oshkosh, DROPS and SV MAN's they have there!

    Its not CIVGAS, its now ULGAS and to be fair not many are needed now.
  14. Sorry, I thought you were having a pop at me for not putting in the POL point at west moors my mistake.