Rev Jesse Lee Petersen on Fox News.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Report in the Daily Hate today...the Rev Petersen reckons women should lose the vote and blacks should be sent back to the plantations to learn a work ethic. Do yanks have more free speech than us? I mean can you imagine the BBC broadcasting anything like this, our media gets in a frenzy when Clarkson says something mildly amusing for fucks sake.
  2. I hope his CP team are hand picked and well trained.
  3. Doub't the septics will get too upset!
    Not like over here where they throw a hissy fit over anyone who mentions the word black!
  4. He could say that stuff about plantations and what-have-you here if he was black, which he is.

    Not sure about the women voting thing though.
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  5. "Right to Free Speech" is written in to the septics Constitution. It's virtually unlimited.
  6. Seems some cop forces have stopped having "black lists" in case it "offends", and instead have "red or blue" lists, for bad guys and nearly bad guys, fucking lunacy reaches deep these days.
  7. Women voting. Thats when it all went wrong.
  8. He has a point.....
  9. If he wears a hat, no one will notice :wink:
  10. One like this

  11. Only if he has another person standing on his head :)
  12. I used to watch Fox News quite a lot for the comedy potential (their breakfast news is on at UK lunchtime) - what's frightening is that their strange world view is actually quite popular across (mostly) white America