Rev. Dannett on Radio 4

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Dec 8, 2009.

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    General Dannett was on Radio 4 this morning, introduced as an advisor to the Conservative Party.

    I thought he gave a rather lack lustre performance. He seems to have lost the power of independent thought and trotted out a pretty 'Party line' load of waffle from which one could discern little of what he really thought or indeed what the Tory government's policy might be, if they ever get past Mr Mandelson and into power.

    Dannett seemed unwilling to criticise the Government and then heaped praise upon his successor, other than that, he added little nor gave any enlightenment.

    All this on the day that the 100th death in Afghanistan is announced and whilst poor old gormless Bob Ainsworthless is on a jolly to Theatre.
  2. What a poor interview, he has compromised the position he spent so long building up whilst CGS and now probably his ability to influence in any real way future policy.
  3. Have to agree. He could have made a difference and continued to exert influence without allying himself to a particular political party. As it is, he's devalued his own personal brand and I too felt he sounded awfully tired and lacklustre to boot.
  4. I concur; it was nowhere near his best.

  5. Hugely disappointing. To me it sounded like he was reading from a Politburo script. Yet another serviceman who has cocked up his first posting to Civvy Street - he could have made a real mark if he'd thought about it, but his haste to chase the dollar and all the hoo-ha in the summer has tarnished him, I'm afraid. A shame.
  6. Well we are all suffering the legacy - the rebalance of the Covenant is wholly relying on outstanding charaties like H4H, Combat Stress, the Army Benevolant Fund and Regimental Institutions - where in real terms is the legacy within the Services he has left....... Now if he tries to back the charaties it will be seen as political.......
  7. Given the tone of the interview, hinting at political partisanship whilst still in post, I thought the performance pretty sure footed.

    The General was able to shrug off the veiled attack on his integrity and return to work without generating any cheap headlines.

    And that Gents is what it is all about.

  8. I get the idea he's deeply motivated by his convictions.
    He's probably realised that he can do more good for the army in government than outside it. If that means he has to superficially toe the party line then so be it. I would rather he is advising the next government than a civil servant.
  9. Integrity ? His direction to Project BORONA ?
  10. The BBC don't have to hint - clandestine talks with any political party whilst incumbent CGS is partisan.
  11. QUE?
  12. Well Queensman certainly makes a damn good point!

    General Sir Richard has obviously cast his civilian future into the abyss by virtue of this moderately under par performance. I'm surprised any of you remember his name or indeed what he actually said at that time of the morning. Personally I thought he had played a moderately straight bat on the "partisan while in office issue" with no cover drives or reverse sweeps but the scoreboard ticked along - just as he did at the weekend and in the paper last week. Apparently I have completely misheard what was said and then foolishly left it several hours to post a misrepresentation of that...
  13. In the finest ARRSE tradition, Gen Dannett has been hoisted onto a pedestal, and now the hoistees are doing their best to topple him into the mire below.

    I personally thought he answered every question honestly (although I did have a bit of jamming from the rugrats so may have missed the finer nuances). He even gave grudging credit to Brown for "Finally getting it", to paraphrase.

    I have more time for Gen Dannett than any politician I can think of.

    Queensman: "Chasing the dollar". Eh? Please expand.
  14. I listened to the interview and I thought that maybe, just maybe, he is conserving his ammunition for a big bang off when his position is much more tenable and his backup is definite (Cue Dave and his cohorts).