Rev Dannatt Uses US Heli Tpt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gremlin, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Seems like the Reverend is getting warmed up and is on good form again!

    Well done him, I especially like:

    More big punches to come?
  2. Well done that man, truth must hurt back in blighty.
  3. Times following up on the interview in Afghanistan by Sarah Montague of The Today programme on Radio 4 this morning at 08:25.

    Fair play to Sarah for the interview. I am a little biased though!

    You can listen to the interview, as opposed to read The Times follow-up here.
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Labour aren't happy if this peice in the Mail is to be believed
    If this is true some Labour wallah want's a good kicking

    Given the talentless knobs Brown's chucked Peerages at recently

    The Chief of the General Staff revealed he has been forced to travel around the war zone in a U.S. Black Hawk helicopter because of the lack of British aircraft.

    Labour responded by dismissing Britain's top soldier with a four letter insult and accusing him of harbouring ambitions for a Tory peerage and a ministerial post in a Conservative government.

    A Labour minister referred to Britain's top soldier as a 'total ****'. A government adviser added: 'He is positioning himself to become a Tory minister. That's what he wants. He's behaving disgracefully.'
  5. Of course, he could be just telling the truth, an unknown concept to a New Labour flunky
  6. If CGS is a cnut what on earth does that make Brown and his cohorts? They must be sh1tting themselves because in September it will be Weapons Free for the Rev :twisted:
  7. At least he ain't keeping to the script like Jackson did, Bet he gets a slap when he gets home
  8. Typical Labour, judging everyone by their own low standards. I have news for them, some people say things because they believe in what they are saying, not just for some sleazy reward later. My advice to Mr Brown and his whole discreditted clan is to get out now before they do any more damage.
  9. I heard the sentence live and thought at the time that he had chosen his words very carefully and diplomatically. He could have said:

    'I'm in an American aircraft simply because we have not got sufficient aircraft of our own in theatre - this is because of the dislike the awful man Brown has for the Armed Forces - the Royal Navy and the Army in particular'.

    General Sir Richard lives in the country I believe. I hope he does not suffer a 'Doctor Kelly' moment in the autumn!
  10. [​IMG]

    Dear Gordon

    Buy us a load of these… you may as well, we spend enough time sitting in the back of them now we may as well buy our own ones - Cheap too and very good at their job. Give Westland a ring, they built one under licence in 1987.

    ETA: Talking of cvnts Gordon, have you looked in the mirror this morning?
  11. An all party committe of MP's is due to report today, allegedly blowing Broons ridiculous assertion that the lack of helicopters have not directly led to deaths.

    Regarding the Rev Dannett, the spin and smears are getting personal, looks like he's hitting them where it hurts with the truth.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Who is this Labour CUNT that says this about Gen Sir Richard Dannatt?

    Who are these freaks in the Labour party who think that, like them, Sir Richard is playing political games with the lives of our troops?

    The sheer mandacity of these Labour criminal turds accusing someone like Sir Richard Dannatt of playing games, when it is they, in their traitorous incompetence that have created the situation where our soldiers have died in large numbers IN inadequate vehicles.

    Are they really more upset that he might be a closet Tory than they are that he is speaking out about a Labour-created shortage of helicopters that has directly lead to the uneccessary deaths of people who had to travel in inadequate ground vehicles instead?

    As David Cameron pointed out - it wasn't Sir Richard Dannatt, who, after the experience of GW1 and GW2, and then Afghanistan, and who, despite knowing that there was a serious shortage of helicopters then cut the helicopter budget by over one billion pounds.
  13. Oh dear. Does it hurt when someone tells the truth? Does it sting you so badly you need to resort to the language of the coal face?
  14. In a time of deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act... George Orwell.

    Cough, splutter etc..

    Shouldn't you be singing "Thats the sound of the men, working on the chain gang?
  15. "…Mr Brown insisted that there had been a 60 per cent increase in helicopters in the war zone, and that the main reason for the delay in deploying more was not funds but the need to adapt the aircraft.…"

    Well, if you'd bought plenty of modern helicopters over the least few years you cvnt we wouldn't have to be 'adapting' a bunch of old retreads for deployment, would we?