Reuters access previously censored footage via WikiLeaks.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Invictus_88, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. [object width="480" height="385"][/video]

    It's already hitting the jihadi forums, not cool. Blue-on-blue and collateral damages are of course inevitable, but having seen the footage a few times now the case seems to be a special sort of failure beyond that which can be glossed over with assurances that the proper protocols were adhered to and those concerned acted in best faith.

    What can be done though, with such a time delay between the event and the lid coming off?
  2. quite a sobering video. I can only conclude that there was a contact ongoing with the ground callsign and that any gatherings were subsequently suspicious. Certainly, the conversation in between pilots was reinforcing their responsive mindset into offensive option only (a parallel could be drawn to the 1999 shooting of Amadou Diallo ).

    What is harder to understand in an ROE context (from a Brit Yellow Card background) is that carriage or suspected carriage of a weapon is justification for a shoot and that aid to wounded individuals or removal of bodies (presenting no direct threat to callsigns on the ground) is also a green light.
  3. Shooting up the Van was pretty grim and i'm not sure they could be identified as picking up any weapons i only saw them going to the wounded plus the little girls in the van which they found later all in all pretty****ed up.

    But the incident beforehand you can see where the suspicion came from with the guys poking round the corner and a few of them seemed to be armed. From what i've read the guys that came in at the end to investigate had been in contact from an unknown location. The apache and other helicopter you could hear on the radio came in to providing top cover after they were engaged.
  4. Doesn't look good does it?

    Unfortunately retrospect isn't the most balanced form of 'judge and jury'.
  5. should arrse be allowing classified US military video footage on here? :?

    No wonder it's classified still. Shocking footage of unjustified cold bloody murder. I bet the pentagon has had a hizzy fit about this going public.

    *i wonder how long before the site owners of WikiLeaks are found dead in the woods? :wink:
  6. It's being reported on most of the US news networks.

  7. Had much experience in the front seat of an Apache in a war zone have you? :roll:
  8. Oooh, oooh, I bet know the answer!!!!! Pick me miss, pick me!!!!!
  9. Meh, it's war, sh1t happens.

  10. the 1st part of the video i could see their cameras maybe being mistaken for weapons, but the 2nd part of the video firing on a van with unarmed people and children trying to help the wounded cameramen is not justified in war or not. :roll:
  11. That wasn't the answer to the question he asked. Exactly how much experience have you had in the front seat of an Apache?

    I personally like them Typhoo Teas, but they make too much noise.

  12. But you're watching a youtube video dave, not making life or death decisions.

    What about the times where they've killed insurgents , or helped out infantry call sign in the sh1t, they might have looked similar to this?
  13. true mate, but in this instance it would appear they made a very bad judgement call. the crew can be heard wishing the injured man would pick up a weapon (suggesting they can't fire), but when some unarmed people roll up in a van, and try and put the injured in the van to take them to hospital, they open fire anyway and kill them too?
  14. Is the camera footage downlinked, or is authorisation to fire based on the verbal descriptions?
  15. Dave the infantry call sign on the ground has was in contact, taking RPG fire, the van was pointed out at the start of the video to be a possible target and involved somehow.

    At least 3 of the individuals killed by my count had Kalashnakovs.