Reurned goods

A woman bought a really fancy coffee maker in Currys. When she found out it wouldn't work she took it back to the shop for a refund.

"I'm sorry, madam," said the assistant. "You bought it on special offer and I can't give you a refund or replace it."

The woman stood there and started to scream. "PINCH MY NIPPLES! PINCH MY NIPPLES! PINCH MY NIPPLES!"

Flustered, the assistant called for his supervisor as other customers started to stare. The supervisor repeated that no refund could be given.

Once again the woman stood and screamed. "PINCH MY NIPPLES! PINCH MY NIPPLES! PINCH MY NIPPLES!"

In a panic, the supervisor called for the manager to sort out this mad woman. The manager firmly told her that there could be no refund and the woman screamed again.


"Madam, please!" squealed the manager. "Why are you yelling like that?"

The woman replied, "because I like to have my nipples pinched when I'm being screwed!"
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