Reunion at IJLB

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ugly, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ok gents hows aboot the big 40 is upon us and then some, IJLB is or was at last looks a Gurkha Bn. I want to know how many of you would come to a reunion at Sir John Moore camp!
    Perhaps a quick tour, trg wing, gym (participation optional),NAAFI and maybe a BBQ by the old 30m range!
    It is now 24 years since I was bussed in from Folkestone station as part of an intake of 75 in Corrunna company. I know if we organise this properly ie buses to the station etc and a few beers and BBQ, then it will be a nice chance to catch up with all the old faces (chubby again) and reminisce about "That Clown in Corrunna!"
    Let me know, if we get numbers of about 100 it would make it worthwhile. Any more would be a bonus!
    I also need assistance with who to write to in Folkestone garrison (if it still exists) to organise this!