Returning uniform.

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Bisley, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. It does irritate me when cadets leave and do not return uniform. We have tried sending letters to parents but frankly the uniforms that are returned would proably have been so anyway. Do you think I am wasting my time? what is your strategy for ensuring uniform is returned?
  2. Make them pay a deposit when they deposit..but a well worded letter to Mrs and Mr Cadet will get it back...MOD...cost of equipment...operations..etc etc
  3. Big problem at my detachment, I have one cadet in particular who left around 6-7 months ago, but has still not returned his kit despite numerous letters to parents.

    Aside from asking the QM to write the kit off there is little we can do, plus of course what happens to returned kit? It never comes back to us, we only ever get issued new.
  4. I don't believe there is usually any intent by parents to keep the kit on purpose, its just not a priority for them - that's human nature. A letter (or even better a telephone call) will elicit the return from the more conscientious few.

    If that fails, a polite telephone call followed by a visit to the address at a convenient time will usually secure its return. Best to wait until there are several to collect and do them all together (or send an NCO who lives nearby). The bonus is that if little Johnny's out at the time you will often get a few extras he's acquired himself thrown in, which mum's only too glad to get shot of out of his wardrobe.
  5. Surely, you jest? Our CCF contingent are permitted 5% replacement per year, which with 200 cadets means just 10 sets. That's really useful with 60-odd recruits joining each year.

    Even then, the size you request is not the size you get. Anyone have use for a load of brand new 190/112 combat jackets that don't fit anyone?

    We've still got cadets in the old "cadet jackets" from the 1970s (the ones without pockets) as they're the only ones we have in smaller sizes, and I've lost count of how many of the contingent are still in 1980s "baggy pocket" kit, faded and in holes!

    We've had to resort to use some of the non-public fund to BUY second hand S95 in bulk as its the only way we can keep up a reasonably smart appearance (and before anyone gripes that this shouldn't be a problem for a rich, public school, we are a state school and have cadets from the whole spectrum, including the local council estates). Money we would far rather spend on adventure-training kit etc. to enhance training.
  6. Surely YOU jest...............

    Get your SSI to look here:


    If you dont have a SSI your AA that looks after your contingent is at fault..dont listen to the stores are for storing crap...
  7. Never had any problems with getting kit issued, although as you said your CCF. We send in the request and around 8 weeks later we have a set of brand new kit in the sizes requested.
  8. Yep - its our AA. Believe me, we've tried. For years we've tried.... thankfully the AA only has another couple of years to go and then we'll be shot of him
  9. He has got a boss you know, if your not getting what hes meant to do, step up.........
  10. if you do get any probs just go round and beat the dad.
  11. From what I have heard where I am if you don't turn up for a certain number of weeks you are sent a letter asking to hand you'r kit in. If you don't then you are sent another saying that if it isn't handed in you will be fined. I don't have a clue if this works though. I expect it doesn't as we have people who haven't been for over a year who still haven't handed kit in and still haven't been fined.

  12. It's a long time since I received used uniform for cadets. I issued 3 sets to new recruits last week, all of it new, and 4 items I had put in for exchange were also new. Just about every item of kit I receive is brand new and still in the plastic.

    My other half is a CAA, today he picked up enough kit from Cty HQ to make up 100 sets of kit (Beret, cap badge, 95 Jacket, 2x 95 shirts, 2x 95 trousers, brassard and belt) all of it is new. In the last few weeks he has received paperwork for over 60 cadets so over half of that will be issued immediately. I would imagine the rest of it will be issued in the next couple of months. He will then reorder a similar amount. There is never a shortage of new uniform in our county.
  13. Ours neither.
  14. I whole-heartedly can't beat a personal service......if there is no joy with the letters, pop round and embaress the parents..............nine times out of ten they haven't got a scooby and they can lay there hands on the outstanding kit as it is usually growing mould in the middle of the little cherubs' floor and has been for the whole time it has been adrift................cadets are not arch criminals and often respond to direct action...give it a go,see how you get on.........there are always willing hands to help!!
  15. Invite the delinquent cadets in for an issue of oh..I don't know..a Leatherman. Tell them to bring sports kit too because of a five a side match. When they arrive, de-kit them, get them to put on their sports kit and then out the gate. Where's your Leatherman? Stop, my ribs are bursting...