Returning troops to "jump the housing queue"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. Good, and good news for them.

    "....ministers will order local authorities to give the highest possible priority to returning servicemen and women. Ministers have expressed irritation at the way the Human Rights Act and concerns about positive discrimination have thwarted past attempts to allow them to jump the housing queue.
    Currently, local authorities dealing with social housing applications are only obliged to give “reasonable preference” to certain groups of people, such as those who are homeless, living in overcrowded accommodation or have a medical need".

    This.. I have to see. Changing local authorities' ways is long overdue, and as a longstanding advocate I don't think this will be easy.. But will the charities and authorities get behind this?
  2. I'm sorry but to a degree this is a croc of shit. I've been working in housing for a couple of years now and anyone due to leave the armed forces and those who have been out less than a year are ALREADY seen as a priority need. Councils have their own rules on who they house and how, but the govt says that said ex forces, families with kids (Or single parents regardless of sex), severe mental health problems, people fleeing domestic violence etc are also a priority. Just becuase people are homeless and on the streets doesn't automatically mean they jump to the top of the list.

    It's something that's been in the system for years and now the govt want to shout about it pretending it's a new thing they've come up with.

    Well it's not, it's been there since the Labour days, if not earlier.
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  3. Surely immigrants take priority. I've never seen a black or paki tramp anyway!
  4. Amazingly in Hull, a city where Chinese is the largest ethnic minority and there are very few black people there is a black tramp and he lives on the bench opposite the Guildhall (Home of the City Council).
  5. That old chestnut is true Fally. Yes you are right, in some respects these groups do have special rules. And they are good at hammering at the doors and haranguing advice bureaux, authorities and pressure groups. A few more pressure groups for returning troops would be good.
  6. as there is a massive shortage of housing social/affordable otherwise this isn't really going to help.
    being on top of the list when their isn't much chance of getting
  7. There are houses being built, it may be the case that existing stock has been transferred to local housing associations.
  8. Immigrants get the same priority as anyone else in their position. Some do come though with kids, so get priority, but others (mostly single males with kids in country of origin) don't. The stupid part is that for a sinlge male, by the time they view his case and he gets leave to remain and then enters the housing / Job seekers allowance system, so of them have been here for between 4 and 9 years. Most of them have residency and a couple I've come across have started to fill in application forms for a British passport as they've been here for 10 years.
    They take those seeking asylum, give them £32.25 a week to live off, housing and council tax is taken care of, but they have furniture, bills, food & travel to pay for. Then they wonder why most of them work illegally?

    Most people bitch about tossers on beenfits and living for free in a council house, but never actually stop to look at some of the dog ridden areas that the council houses are in! I'd rather rent private to be honest.

    Only good bet is housing associations, they tend to have properties in good areas that the neighbours are privately owed. Also (even though they should be equal opportunities) they never touch those that have used drugs, have serious or large amounts of petty crime and tend to steer towards those that work.
    P.s. If you are renting privately, you can still apply to go on their lists.
  9. We could start turfing people out of the council houses... perhaps those who earn £150,000 or more (and happen to be union leaders) could be the first to make way for our returning troops.
  10. Sorry - but another good one to go for housing associations is that they have new deals (Because most houses being built are in shit areas) where the housing association will buy houses off people that are about to have the repossed by the banks, they then rent them out, but not always to the person that owed it, so again leading them to have a higher stock with affluent areas, rather than crime ridden ones.
  11. Commie Crow, wouldn't that be fun getting him to pay his way.
  12. Here in Ashford once you have enough "points" on the criteria list the local council is obliged to house you within 3 months. Now being top of the list or an urgent priority case will only end up with you being offred the grottiest of flats in the grottiest of sink estates. A refusal of such will see you being shoved right to the bottom of the list. TBH if I was in that situation I,d rather rent privatly for a better standad of accomodation/area. Theres not an awful price diffrence either and if you are on a low income there is help available. All the nice council estates have all been snapped up under the right to buy schemes so unless you are lucky enough to be offered one of these new build rabbit hutches you will end up living in a shithole. But even these new build HA estates will soon decend into a hole after a few years of single mum / drug dealing immigrant occupation. The social housing homes for heros schemes from the early 50s are sadly very much an outdated concept. If you want "cheap" rent ( tho soon it wont be so cheap) & dont mind living in a single mum/drug addled shithole go the social housing route. Want a decent standard of accomadation in a good area.. rent private. For me its a no brainer I know people on extremly low incomes who manage a reasonable life on a nice private estate. I mean think about it.. who on earth would want to live in a grotty/crime laden/anti social shithole ??

  13. Single mum = regular external ****, dont knock it too much.