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I may be in the wrong section here, and if I am - would someone direct me to the right one please?

From all that I've read and heard - there is little to no support given to returning troops (and their families) to help them with the mental scars they may be carrying as a result of their tours of duty in Iraq and Afganistan - it this true?

If so, I would be more than willing to assist with their/your issues and integration back into society on a voluntary basis. I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and have methods and techniques with which to do this. (Incidentally - one of the co-creators of NLP - a Green Beret in Europe during the Cold War has generously offered to help me with this.)

If you can give me any information, or are interested in becoming a client - or just want more information - would you please let me know?

Thank you!

Linda Gillatt
ps - it appears from a previous poster that this is not the case, that returning troops are getting all the support they need, so please disregard this message
Linda - Read the sign above the NAAFI bar before going any further. I'd advise a long look at some of the other "banter" in here too just so you know what you're getting into. Keep the serious stuff in charities and welfare!

The Cad was being a bit of a bounder although he's now shown remorse - an unusual quality in such as he....

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It wasn't remorse old bean.. it was lulling her into a false sense of security..

As if we soldiers have mental health issues... the very thoughts preposterous!

She read the sign, she should of known better..

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Ahh come on go easy on the new girl she's trying to help, that was a cheap shot cad old boy.

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Well played The_Cad, If anyone on this website is showing PTS or any of that other b*llocks, then this is probably the right place to be.

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The_Cad said:
As if we soldiers have mental health issues... the very thoughts preposterous!

You can collect underpants and pencils at the table by the door... :slow:

And indoubitabley...

I feel so alone
...probably has something to do with the bed-wetting incidents. You should always check with your partner if she's into golden showers before, erm, indulging her! :p

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