Returning to UK Mid Way Through Tax Year



Quick query for anyone with experience of returning to the UK having been a non-resident for tax and resuming work in the UK mid way through a tax year. I would be interested in hearing either personal experiences of this, or from anyone who knows a bit about this subject. I am largely clueless.

Context is, that in 2009 I left the police to work on the circuit overseas. I have been continually engaged with work on the international security industry since then, sticking to the ninety day rule and paying tax in the country that I was employed (country does have a dual tax agreement with the Uk, I pay around 20% tax on earnings).

I now have the opportunity to resume work as a police officer in November this year. I will go from the giddy heights of clearing $14K a month to being on about £30K a year. But with two young girls who are growing up very fast, I realise that you cant put a price on some things. That said, they do have to eat, and I am concerned that I will get put on some mental tax code and essentially be working for peanuts from Nov until April.

Alternatively, I am not sure if I would commence on a normal tax rate like any other officer and get asked questions in April 2022.

I am hoping for some info to mitigate the inevitable melt-down that this will cause in the sleepy force payroll team.

Also are P45s still a thing? The only one I could offer them will be the one they gave me twelve years ago, and god knows where I put that.

Cheers for any advice.

Much Love.
I returned to the UK midway through the 18/19 tax year after 3 years working, and paying tax, abroad. I got a local tax accountant to sort it all out for me at quite a reasonable cost, IIRC about £200 to fill in my tax return and liaise with the tax man. However when I returned I was self employed and did not have to deal with an in house payroll department. I did not pay anything until after filing my tax return at the end of the tax year then got a bill from the tax man, which was surprisingly less than I expected it to be.
Have a read

Then get an accountant to sort it out for you.

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