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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Boogieman, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. After 15 years of serving abroad (Germany, Cyprus and Canada) I am shortly due posting back to the UK. What I am concerned about is the fact that as I have been away for so long, am I likely to run into credit 'dramas' in obtaining a mobile phone (or anything requiring credit actually) contract? Obviously, I have had a UK bank account whilst away so would that have any bearing on the issue or not?
  2. If your wages were paid into your UK bank account then you DO have a credit history . . .

    . . . one that says you've never borrowed a thing in the UK and that, judging from your post, you get a decent regular income so your credit rating should be pretty good.
  3. You may find it a little frustrating as many of the firms accept that you might have a credit history, but what you do not have is a record of where you lived, this can make a difference.

    We had exactly the same problem on our recent return to the UK, some firms can be a pain in the arse. Get round all of the shops and find the one with the most cooperative staff, many are not able to do anything themselves but can pass you up the management chain who can be more helpful. Some as in our case just put in the minimum term required ( of your new UK address) in the field on the database and this worked. Some do not seem to be bothered.

    Try not to get toooooooo frustrated as questions such as how does that fellow just shipped in from Iraq manage to get a contract does not always help as I found.

    Some will accept your overseas address but again you will have to get a cooperative member of staff, this is so that they can override the demand of the database for a Post Code, as they all demand this field to be filled in.

    Using relatives addresses can help but again there can be a mismatch with the credit check if you have not actually had any real association with the address.

    Starting with a PAYG can help as tou can then build up a history of use which helps your case.

    Just do not give up keep at it and push the problem as far up the management chain as you can. and you should get there in the end.

    It is rumoured that the Orange shop in Tverton and the CarphoneWarehouse in Farnham can be very helpful in your quest for telephony if they are in your area.

    If you have any success please let me know so that when I next need a UK mobile I know where to go.
  4. It actually works the other way round believe it or not. If you have a loan, a mortgage, and a credit card and have not defaulted on payment you get a very good rating.

    Boogieman, last time I went to the UK I only had dramas with getting an onshore account (even though I had an offshore one with the same bank). Mobile phones were no problem as most of the companies seemed so desparate to get a new customer on contract (that was a while ago so it may have changed, but if recent experience in France is anything to go by, the sales assistants are only to happy to get you to sign up to a contract).