returning to ta with poorly knee :(

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by speedybham, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. I am looking to rejoin TA, im 29 now. Ive started running again (use to be quiet good) but my knee is playing up, its a problem that started 8 years ago during my recruit course and its back. Tried knee support, but didn't seem to help.

    Normally starts after first mile, i'm fine and generally fit, fear i would not hack two weeks with it as it is.

    Also, why does it start in the first place, was it all that running in my boots, i lived out of them for days on end??? :x
  2. try getting some double strike sorbathane inserts, they are the dogs conkers. see if that helps, it did me
  3. Quite frankly, your first port of call should be your GP. I doubt their are many here that will be able to give you a qualified answer, especially without an examination. Book an appointment at your doctors surgery.
  4. I had a smiliar problem earlier this year. Turns out that my pelvice was mis-aligned. Go and see a good sports therapist or chiropractor and get your spine and pelvis checked. It did the trick for me.
  5. Try taking MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) - it helps my knees. I got CP of the knees due to the old GS bergan, ridiculous weights crammed into it and my knees overcompensated for it. Physio helped sort out my gait as my legs had gone a bit wonky and MSM helps with the pain. Its not a cure, but can help releive the pain. Its not cheap, so shop around (health stores) and check out the sales to stock up!
  6. i've been to my local running shop and got my sorbathane insoles, he said i need to strengthen my quad muscles to support my knee, 8)
  7. I'm suffering a similar problem, i've had an MRI scan and i'm currently having physio at the Hopsital. I've also joined a gym and i'm concentrating on building up my quads which does appear to be having some effect. Leg presses are the thing, just enough weight so it doesn't hurt which for me is 50kg (for both legs), i do 5 sets of 12 then i do the two other leg type machines plus rowing and cycling. Avoid running untill it's better.
  8. Funny saying not to run on it, i complete my two week recruit corse on it. Don't think it could be that bad??!! How long has ur knee been stuffed?
  9. Really stuffed since CMSR in March this year, it was all that squatting down and getting up with heavy bergans on i thnk. I can run, it just means i literally cannot walk for two or three days afterwards.
  10. Doctor first mate seriously! I had knee issues for a while, used tubi grips, supports, deep heat etc and ended up doing permanent damage. Dont risk it!
  11. wow, they are the dogs conkers ain't they! the pain was never there the following day so wasn't that bad, might see doc later this week.

    Did my 1 1/2 mile last night, just round the block with the sorbathane inserts no pains in knee. The bloke at the running shop says i need to build up my quad muscles to take the pressure off the knee.
  12. I was 16 years in the reg infantry. Got knee injury, built my knee back up but had minor wee probs. Left 2 years ago and i am now a keen hill walker in the scottish mountains. I was at my GP the other day as i had pain in my knee few weeks ago. But hopfully should build it back up after using knee support for 2 weeks and pain went away.

    I have now applied to join UKSF(R) in 23 SAS and have my medical on wednesday and hope my knee is fine. I was extremlry fit and hope my knee will stand the strain.
  13. Well, maybe there's hope for me yet!
  14. But as others have said the sensible route is to go and see your GP BEFORE you try anything else that's been recommended on here. It's too important a problem to rely on advice on an internet forum.
  15. Don't go to your GP and expect a miracle, they are a jack of all trades and the best you will get is a referral to a consultant and a probable 18 week wait. Find a good physio, take your time, ask around and get recommendations from sports centers, running shops(proper one not JJB's) etc, people won't recommend a bad one, my 2nd physio diagnosed my knee problem in about 3 minutes, she gave me the same diagnosis as an expensive visit to the MRI scanner and the consultant. Torn cartilage and I need key hole surgery. She cost £30, the others are so expensive only the insurance company knows!!

    Under the knife next Monday!

    P.S. I'm on the MOD BUPA Scheme and I can't recommend it enough, 49% discount and great service, rapid appointments, clean and quiet hospitals, its a pleasure to be treated by them.