Returning to TA and joining a different unit

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by paysheet, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    I left the TA Signals to join the Navy regulars only to rejoin the TA but the RLC as a driver 10 months later. I was a LCpl in the Signals and had done numerous courses and trade quals. However in the RLC I have finally found out that I am being paid 30.96 and all my previous quals have been removed from my record.

    Does anyone know from experience or otherwise what the rules are on pay/keeping previous trade quals on transferring/rejoining?
  2. I answered this question, then noticed you have already asked the same question in other posts and had them answered. So have deleted my post.
  3. Lance Jacked. I wish you'd just posted your reply.

    I realise that previously I asked about trade pay and why I'd been given three different numbers. However noone could give me an answer concerning the former, nor did you give a posting.

    The point is I rejoined the TA 10 months not 11 as previously posted (sorry about the mistake). I've heard that if you rejoin within 12 months of leaving you automatically get your old trade pay even if you join a different branch. However I've not seen anything definitive and was wondering if anyone had experience in this area.

    Furthermore my whole previous record has been wiped clean. So that even courses like BITS, Hazmat and driving quals are no longer registered.
  4. HAZMAT and Driving Quals i.e LGV, C and C+E are civvy quals and you will have them on your licence (separate pice of paper for HAZMAT or whatever its called these days). You will have somehwhere on a computer somwhere (UNICOM isnt it?) records of all trades etc.

    I dont know if you can kep trades after less than 12 months, I was out and rejoined a different corps and lost my trade pay, was out over 12 months, I did not expect to keep trade pay in a different corps.

    Honestly I would see my arse if someone tipped up to a unit I was in fresh faced and was instantly put on more money and a tape (unless it was a straight transfer within the corps or trade).....

    Sigs and RLC, hardly compatible trades....
  5. ^Driver/Rad Op.....
  6. I never said it couldn't be done. Also as an RLC Driver/Rad Op the trade is the Rad Op not the driver, in the RLC all drivers in the RLC are at least Class 3 and in the transport Reg's have the LGV etc anyway.. and in the Sigs the real drivers are the linesmen with the LGV, anyone (obviously with the appropiate civvy licence and FMT) can drive the Lanny....
  7. I wasn't expecting to just tip up and get my rank back.

    I've started from scratch before albeit after 3 years out, so are willing to start from the bottom. I just thought and was led to believe that my past experience would count for something and I wouldn't find myself on the bottom rung of the pay ladder. at the same level as a new recruit.

    Trust me alot of things in the TA aren't popular with me, but I know for example of someone from AGC who transferred to Signals and kept her rank and pay while she changed retraded. I'm just curious as to what the rules are because if I'm entitled to my old trade pay while retrading I obviously want it, whether its popular or not.

    On another note what is the time bar for returning to the same regt and retaining trade pay and rank as someone did so in my present unit after being out for 2 years?
  8. Eh? Thats like saying I should loose my trade pay as my course was over 2 years ago? Is the wiff of cod strong today
  9. I don't understand your point polar. Of course it makes no difference when you did you trade if you stay in. Lets be honest now, its possible to have trade pay for a trade that you haven't done for years and have forgotten how to do it, for instance if you work on recruiting. Thats not the point.

    The issue is not when you did your course but how long you can be out before your record is wiped clean whether you are returning to a new or different unit.
  10. If its a straight tansfer from unit to unit with no break in service then she may have kept rank, somtimes they loose rank but keep pay, its a funny old world......
  11. A lad in my unit transferred cap badge from the AGC to the RLC as a driver, kept his rank and was promoted to Cpl on the same night, despite then being a class 4 driver!