Returning to TA after tour, MTP Issue

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Blade-Runner, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Quick question. Mobilised whilst still in the glorious DPM. Black bag issue at Chilwell had MTP. Am i right in thinking that tour uniform is 'one off' issue, ie written off after tour, and that on return to my TA unit (in DPM), they should issue me MTP? I believe theatre uniform is made from a slightly different material than UK issue stuff (so I have been told).

  2. You should get a fresh issue, dpm being withdrawn and all that jazz.
  3. Yes but don't sell it because your being watched!!!!!!!!
  4. I'm a hoarder! Everything is stockpiled for the next end of World date..... ;)
  5. You've been issued the warm weather stuff, probably.

    You'll be issued the normal use stuff when your unit MTPs.

    Why horde it? Unless you have a big house. Hand it back in. You wont be able to exchange it, unless going on tour again.

  6. Yeah been issued winter tour stuff but on the MTP uniform the label says 'warm weather'..... For the lightweight jacket/shirt anyway. My unit has been upgraded to MTP already.

    Its a shame CS95 MTP doesn't get issued anymore as that is far smarter. But that's another topic.
  7. For that comment, take yourself outside and beast yourself.
  8. have you seen the Navy types tucking in the Mk 2 shirt??? God awful!!
  9. Search for the thread on 'in and rolled' or 'out and down'.
  10. i saw that a while back. The Marines are bad for it too!!

    Anyway, I shall try and get issued the stuff again on my return. :)