Returning to running after injury

Hey crazy kids, Im returning to running after a two month break following a lovely sprained ankle injury. I've done a couple of runs, first was on a treadmill at a 10 minute mile pace just to prove my ankle was strong enough and there was no real pain. Last night I put in a 4 miler which was quite a shock to my lungs but not a real problem for my ankle.

I need to exercise the joint to strengthen it and the only suggestion I've had off the gym bitches is lunges on a wobble board.

Looking at my local classes there are body pump classes going which seem to involve a lot of sweating and lunges and squats with weights, these may do the trick. Has anyone done "body pump" ?
I've never done Body Pump but it looks a bit crap - you may as well stay at home and stick your bird's aerobics DVD on.

When I was coming back from an injury I spent the first couple of weeks of training working on my leg strength - heel raises, squats and deadlifts. After I was satisfied that my legs were back up to scratch I started running again, but very slowly. The 'Couch to 5K' program is designed for getting fat knackers into running but it works brilliantly for injury rehab.
would you consider doing a spin class? its low impact and really good for improving your cardio without you risking knackering yourself again.

also, loads of women do it so you can spend a pleasant hour staring into some birds sweaty arse crack
Well I opted for Body Pump in the end but couldnt get into last nights class as it was full, so I opted for the open Body Combat session
After a few minutes of mincing around shadow boxing then skipping from side to side I had to leave, two reasons

1. I felt like a bigger twat than usual.
2. There was to much pressure on my bad ankle.

I looked in on the Body pump session later after working up a sweat in the gym, it seems like a much more static training session, and it uses weights which is what I was looking for in the first place.

Of course I was moved on by security after a few minutes
Yep, body combat, not a good idea.
I thougth I'd give it a go as I've been in the gym working on the ankle and running etc.
But Body combat isnt a good idea, bad ankle or not.
Still, nothing ventured etc.
Im doing my ankle exercises, pumps, circles and abc's and overpressure exercise, this is the longest inactive period I've had since I started running in 2001 so its hard adjusting.
Ok so this week after a rather poo 4 miler I decided a return to the treadmill was in order mainly so I could have a constant surface to run on and also so if I did crock myself then there wasn't far to hop. Have also completed my first Body Pump class which was very similar to work I'd done in the gym in pt sessions but without the hairy sweaty blokes element. I think I'll keep up the BP, it doesnt put much pressure on the ankle unlike Body Combat and I also seem to be doing a lot more work than by myself on the machines, which I guess is the whole point.

Oh and BC is filled with lycra clad totty, the gym ........well lots of lady boys.
Ok so far the Body Pump seems to be giving better results than I was getting in the gym, I suspect its because its 60 mins constant work against 60 minutes workout which included 40 minutes of waiting for equipment and wiping other peoples sweat off kit.

I digress, I do suspect that I would get more out of bodypump if I did it more than once a week.

however my current routine will look like this

Sat - pfa.
Sun cft.
Mon - 4 mile run.
Tue - rest
Wed - 4 mile run.
Thu - body pump.
Fri - rest
Does anyone else get halfway through a training programme and think "Hang on, am I doing the right kind of phys"

I mean its all very well doing 4 mile runs in a good time, but what if you are going on a course where the only run is a pfa and you will spend more time in CBA than anything else.

Its a quandry

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