Returning Personal Presentations to Messes

I assume this is the correct place to post this message.

As the Home Service R IRISH disband and close down bases and messes, the rules say that everyone who presented property to messes has to be contacted and offered their presentation back etc.

Through this forum can I urge those former R IRISH WOs/SNCOs or attached WOs/SNCOs who wish to have their presentation(s) back, to please make contact with HQ R IRISH giving details of what, when and to whom they made a presentation so that we can connect both parties together.

Email: with the details please.

But the R IRISH are not being disbanded, only some of its battalions. Surely those items would be inherited by the surviving battalions of the regiment?


Don't be too quick to give them away TZA. I'm sure there's a place for them within those units who will remain or perhaps the Home HQ?

There's a lot of memories there mate, so get on the phone, ring around and see if you can find fitting accommodation for them.

Best of Luck.
The problem is (as I understand the rules) that the presenter presented the property to the "Mess" therefore, if the mess is closing (as many will) then the mess PMC has to contact the presenter to offer the property back or at least ascertain what the presenter's wish is.

Its a boll--ks but there is that much of the stuff I doubt if the remqaining 1xGS and 1xTA Bn could take it all, so the only other option is storage (or a Regt auction?)



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I've already been through this with a previous amalgamation - it's a pain, but then it is nice to get something back that would otherwise go in the skip - and don't think that all this stuff will be stored, for it won't. If it is not of any intrinsic value, it will be dumped.

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