Returning kit.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by japseyewarrior, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. I'm transferring units and need to return kit to my old coy before the transfer can be completed.

    Don't suppose anyone has a template kit list of stuff that needs to be returned? Don't fancy the 224 miles round trip just to return a utility strap that I didn't know I had to bring :elephant:

    I've been reliably informed that my uniform stays with me, does that include NBC etc?

    Cheers guys and girls
  2. I thought all your kit transferred with you when you change units
  3. Depends on whether you signed for it on a 1033 or a 1157. Your 1033 (CEMO etc.) you hand back, and your 1157 (clothing) you keep. Unfortunately it differs from regiment to regiment as to whether NBC, helmets, CBA etc. are issued on 1033 or 1157. Try and get a Unicom printout of your 1157 (by mail?) from the coy before you go, that's what you keep. Everything else goes back.
  4. Apparently not mate, got a call from NRPS saying nothing will become official until kit is returned. Was the same when I did a transfer before, but was much easier then because everything had to be returned so I could get a fresh re-issue at new unit (that was OTC > TA if that has a bearing on the rules and regs whereas this is TA > TA).
  5. Cool, cheers mate. I would ask for the 1157 before hand but this is a visit as I wasn't planning on making the trip for another three weeks but circumstances changed this morning :thumleft:
  6. Also, is there any paperwork I need to get from my former unit to take to my new unit? Or am I thinking above my pay band and should leave it for the PSAOs to sort out?
  7. Don't just leave it for PSAOs to sort out, make it slick by being involved without offending these downy old birds however.