Returning kit on 1157

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by msr, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Is there any reason why I cannot hand back stuff held on my 1157, which I have not worn / used for 7 years?

  2. Ditto.... 27 years or more?

    I think there's a law against it! LOL!

  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    No, I handed in all my lightweights and loads of other stuff a couple of years ago with no problem from my QMs (QM York Garrison). Not sure what a Regt QM would say though.
  4. I'm in the same boat mate,
    Old two tone denims, wooly pully, Red V neck fizz T-shirts, and old blue fizz
    shorts, Barrack trousers, Chinese fighting suit..etc.

    Should be no problem, just watch all the NIGs laugh at all your old gear, we use to get issued..

    Fcukers... :evil:
  5. I handed back most of my old kit last year - after some initial friction from the QMs they took it all back and reduced my 1157 by 3/4. My argument is that you should be able to get it re-issued if you actually needed it!!

    What I can't seem to understand is accounting of green/desert CS95. Should this go on your 1157, or are they just consumable items? I can't really see anyone wanting my old shirts or even socks.

    I wear the issue fleece from time to time, but know of few others who do - and almost no-one I know wears the Norweigan shirts. Anybody want a couple?

  6. Yes please always wear the Norgies under my covvies when I was on my 513/434 on those cold nights in Poland/Batus. I handed a lot of my kit in about 10 years ago and reduced my 1157 when we had the blue books.
  7. I wear mine for gardening :roll:
  8. I took a pile of old kit, including Lightweights and shirts, to the QM a couple of months ago. What did he do? He gave me new ones! The new style lightweights (without the map pocket) and new shirts, and a new wooly pully (same as the old ones).

    He kept the Chinese fighting suit and some of the other cr@p though.
  9. msr, I managed to hand in my WRAC Greatcoat (complete with emergency biffter and Swan Vesta in inside pocket), my flasher mac and my old No 2s (snigger - number 2s), my green "big" pants and PT stuff no probs.

    The rest of my stuff is in my spare room, less for what you lot nicked, and they were diffies anyway.

    (P.S. Is it true there is no 1157 on JPA?)

    (P.P.S. Is this where I get burnt for being a WRAC once in my distant past? I never wanted to join this man's army anyway, they forced me).
  10. there is no current link for billing people directly in JPA.
    There will be an 'electronic clothing card' in MJDI - eventually.
  11. dale Unicom is being handed over to G4 , its will still be used by AGC for imprest accounts, but billing can still be done by P1954, but most RQMS/QM staff are being trained as system managers now