Returning heroes

Ladies..... if you haven't found your man in green yet (or want to trade-in the one you have) then how about a man in beige.... or about 2000 of them?! Book the leg-wax now and head to Tidworth/Amesbury/Salisbury. Your boys need you!

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October 8, 2004
HEADLINE: Plea: be tolerant of returning soldiers.
BYLINE: Jamie Thompson

TIDWORTH councillors have made a special plea for people to be tolerant of soldiers returning from Iraq. They may need to let off steam after a particularly difficult tour of duty.

Almost 2,000 soldiers are about to return to the town from southern Iraq.

Sadly four have been killed in the troubled country and a number of others have been wounded.

Parish council chairman, Humphrey Jones, a former soldier, said: "We have sent out to Iraq young lads who are now coming back a lot older.

"Some of them must have seen some terrible and shocking things while they were out there and it might take time to rehabilitate them when they come back."

A spokeswoman for the Tidworth garrison said they were expecting more than 1,800 soldiers to return to Tidworth by early November. There would be a much smaller number of dependent families returning as well.

The units coming home are 1 Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, 1 Royal Horse Artillery, 22 Engineer Regiment and the HQ from 1 Mechanised Brigade.

Other soldiers from the Cheshire Regiment, who are based in Bulford, are also coming home.

The soldiers will go back to barracks for a couple of weeks after their return to account for kit and to get them acclimatised to British conditions before they go on post operational leave.

I PWRR have been having a particularly difficult time during their deployment in Al Amarah.

"They have had an awful lot of contact with the insurgents - sometimes on an almost daily basis," said the military spokeswoman.

Medal ceremonies are expected to be held in Tidworth in November.

The arrival back of so many soldiers will be particularly welcomed in the business community, much of which has been struggling in Tidworth over the summer through lack of customers.

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