Returning a car back to the road. What about the environment?

I've heard from several sources that ANPR doesn't pick up on the old B/W No plates.


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I've heard from several sources that ANPR doesn't pick up on the old B/W No plates.
I have those and I have a speeding fine that would suggest otherwise....
2 or three years ago now, a pal asked me to "take a look at this ******* ANPR thing in this **** Golf will you?"

Unmarked PSNI Golf R32, probably not strictly cricket my looking at it, but I'm an ex peeler, their own bods couldn't figure it out and his Chief Inp told him to get it sorted.

I'm no expert on ANPR, but I know a power-failure boot-loop when I see one. Short of pulling the dashboard out of a Police car in my driveway, I passed on my recommendations (unprovisioned power draw or shit VAG electrics)

Anyway, I was told that even when the things were working, the Peelers reckoned on about a 40% accurate hit rate.
Regarding the original subject of this thread, I reckon I'll have my MG ZR 160 ready by about 2040. I'll have to take it on a maglev trailer, towed by a Tesla, to the MoT.


I am currently trying to sort out my SAAB convertible back to the road. Simple yes?
Oh ******* no.

1. Not insured? Yes as I am not paying for anything I am not doing. Stored on my land and not the highway.
2. Not taxed- Currently SORN
3. No MOT.

Now it's in my mates (pukka) garage being repaired to the tune of too ******* much. Ready any day.
But I am not allowed to tax it or insure it until it has it's MOT?
You know when for once in your life you are trying your hardest to do shit by the book to make the wife happy etc???

How was I meant to get it to the garage in the first place? (a mile away) heli drop? FFS.

Could you ring the Cunstabulary and say "look mate, I am driving this motor that has been stood for a few year up to get fixed and tested"?

It almost seems like they want us to drive lecky stuff, new and spangled, all emissionney this and that and farts daisies.
Can I make it simple.
Ladies, Gentlemen, Members, Lord's and Ladies of this country.

The options are thus.

1. Lecky cars, expensive, fast as ****....for about fifty miles. Then limp about for a bit.

2. Hybrid cars, no real difference to normal engines in performance or economy (a bit, but showing an effort and getting subsidies)

3. Diesel, Fantastic, so good we will tax it to shit like we do anything else that is good.

4. Petrol/Gasoline, Yep same as the above, works just fine ta.

5. Hydrogen, now I am surprised government think tanks have not promoted hydrogen more????? **** me they blow everything else up. Why not do it to the consumer at base level.

Any thoughts?

I just think the cards are stacked against anyone wanting to run a classic car nowadays.
Also I am pretty sure that Mr Otto was on to something and I do not think it was anything to the rise and fall of oil rich economies and false energy crises??
Ihad to MOT one of my cars a few last Month I didn't want to end up paying full Months for both of them, I took one in for the MOT on the 28th. it was still MOTd but in the earliest date to re-MOT it zone and insured. The other car I declared SORN on the 29th it was MOTd in January insured and Road Taxed. s you can't get road tax without an MOT I just made sure I had the Garages phone number in case I was stopped as it was a pre arranged time slot then I taxed it from 1/5. Anyway I've reported one of my ex-neighbours multiple times for not having Tax or/ and an MOT on multiple occasions only for nothing to happen.


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Had this problem in the past and the garage owner doing the work took it to an mot station for me on his trade plates.

Added 20 quid to the mot charge, bargain

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