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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by gorilla, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. Hi, got my grandfathers war records through yesterday, very short all it read was

    Commisssioned Lt SAS attatched M16, OSE, and something in Holland.

    How can i go about researching this further and who could I contact, I'm thinking the Int corps museum and possibly the SF Club.

    Many thanks
  2. Was his last three numbers 007..............................?
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  4. The SAS was originally part of the Army Air Corps on its formation in World War 2 and I am not sure, but I may be wrong, if, like today, Officers could not be commissioned directly into the SAS.

    I believe the OSE you mention is possibly SOE the Special Operations Executive which was set up during World War 2 in parallel to MI6 specifically to coordinate Resistance Groups, harass and conduct sabotage against the Germans in occupied Europe. Most members of the SOE, both male and female, were badged under their parent unit or organisations such as the General Service Corps or First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) and received training from the Intelligence Corps and others. A large proportion of SOE agents were executed in Concentration Camps and included such people as Noor Inyat Khan (Madelaine), Violette Szabo (Carve Her Name with Pride), Odette Sampson and Peter Churchill (both of whom were spared because the Germans thought Churchill was related to the Prime Minister). The principals running the European Section of SOE were Colonel Maurice Buckmaster and his Secretary, Vera Atkins.

    The Museum of Defence Intelligence at Chicksands may have some background on SOE, but again, having not visited for some time, I am not too sure.

    Good Hunting
  5. Lt Col Buckmaster was in charge of SOE's F (French) Section for most of the war , not the "European" section. His deputy was Major Nicholas Bodington, who himself went on several missions to France- against any kind of logic regarding security. There was also an RF Section which helped run agents working for the Free French intelligence service, the BCRA. In overall charge of SOE operations in France and the Low Countries in 1943-45 was Brigadier Robin Brook.

    Obituary: Sir Robin Brook - Arts & Entertainment - The Independent

    Nicholas Bodington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia