Return to work legislation

In its own lumbering way the MOD seems to be slowly sorting out some of the issues created by mobilisation (such as the planned new pay arrangements) but the arrangements for getting your job back afterwards are still a mess.

Apart from the lack of support from the MOD when the employer is being difficult, the time limits etc seem absurdly complicated. I understand that some of the cases brought by TA soldiers against employers have failed because the soldier got confused about the various deadlines.

Here's my suggested easy-peasy system which Reservist and employer alike could understand:
- within three weeks of demob (ie, the day when you go home) you have to formally ask your employer for your job back and say what date you want to start
- the day you start back at work has to be no more than three weeks after your last day of service (ie, when you stop getting paid at the end of leave)
- if you are unhappy with the job you've been given, you can apply to an adjudication board
- if your employer refuses to do what the adjudication board says the MOD will provide legal support to take your employer to court to extract compensation (big style, not just a few quid)

Targets up - in your own time, carry on ...
Very sensible - it'll never happen ...

For some reason rules dreamed up by the MoD tend to be cryptic, ambiguous and difficult to understand. The cynic would point to the low wages they get paid, imply a link to low quality staff, and point out that if the rules were clear trhey'd be doing themselves out of a job interpreting them.

And the MoD is not there to look after soldiers, so I don't see them providing any legal help to reservists. The regs get shafted regularly so why should the TA get preferential treatment ?
Very easy to carp "It'll never happen" - harder to make a positive contribution to showing that improvement is necessary and possible.

Who would have predicted that mobilised Reservists will get their full civi pay up to £200k?

Anyone got some useful views?

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