Return to MATTs level 2



I come under London Reg, we're back at level 2 too :D

Hopefully this MTD cap cr*p will be binned as well, I won't hold my breath though.
They should have keep it at MATT level 1 for everyone. Any level lower just allows the biffs and work shy to whinge that we only have to do WHT, PFT etc. Bring back the days of ITD's, one level for all.
The_Duke said:
You mean you didn't maintain training at MATT 1 throughout - how quaint!
Being in a corp my unit is a level 3, not that I agree with it. Were possible my sqn goes to level one as much as possible.

R14D said:
saladdoger? what? you * lettuces? or just like to watch them doing it? or you like watching vegetarians doing it?
As long as its carrot on lettuce or lettuce on lettuce thats ok. Carrot on carrot is just wrong.


It's that thing we did two weeks ago in the snow. At least we didn't have to pick up the brass for the 9500 rds of 5.56 we sent down range :D


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The_Duke said:
securit said:
Great stuff, every cloud has a silver lining...
Well, we didn't have to pick up all of it, anyway. I think everyones fingers would have frozen if we tried!
How charmingly "health and safety"... :D

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