Return to Makin Island

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Great video. It must have brought much comfort to those Marines families to know that their Marines will rest in peace.

    My mothers only brother, my uncle, PFC William B. Adkins, U. S. Army Coastal Artillery, was killed on Corrigedor, P. I. on May 7, 1942. She went to her grave still with deep sadness that he is body was never recovered.

    Thanks for this post.
  2. One of the results of the Makin Raid was the build up of defences in the AO by the Japanese. Ironically the raid likely caused More Marine deaths at Tarawa because of the build up.

    I always wonder what Carlson would have done to James Roosevelt when he sent a officer to talk surrender terms for the command to the Japanese? Was he going to kill FDRs son rather than have him fall into Enemy hands? Makin during Op Kourbash by the way, is the ONLY US use of the M3 Lee tank in the PTO. the 193rd used them in close support.
  3. I am speechless. A very moving piece. [Hand salute] [bows humbly] :salut:
  4. JJH -

    Missed that when first posted. I found it very moving that the islanders buried the marines with honour with helmets, dogtags and rifles intact.

    I am always impressed when I read of the work of the JPAC lab in an the work of the dedicated scientists in identified the remains of the fallen.

    Interesting note about that lab. Kathy Reichs, best know as a mystery novelist, is also a forensic anthropology professor and has volunteered her services to the JPAC lab as well and assisting in the identification of the dead from the World Trade Center and Hurricane Katrina.
  5. While not the best executed op, one needs to keep it in the context of the time--still developing roles, missions and doctrine for the Raiders (whose knife was fashioned on the lines of the F-S dagger) and politically the US government needed a morale boost after PH. Eventually, as with the Para-marines, these "special" units were folded back into the infantry as it became apparent the USMC was sufficiently "elite" I its own right---the grim fact that casualties were such that experienced infantrymen were sorely needed in regular infantry units may have also played some small part. ;-)