Return to Drawer Cheque?

Greetings, a friend of mine spotted this on her paystatement,

Return to Drawer Cheque £196.08

I assume this is something to do with bounced cheques? But on someones actual pay statement?

Don't think I'll bother asking JPAC...
Mongoose cheque cashed on Ops/overseas and has now bounced? Sure you know it can take months......

Fraid I'm not too well versed on that kind of thing, I know she cashes cheques out there (Herrick) - are they special ones straight from your pay? I assumed they were just usual cheques.

edit; Do you mean that a cheque cashed out there from a normal bank account bounced, but was 'cleared' to use at the time and is being deducted from pay now instead?
I think shes cashed a cheque from her normal bank account, when it was presented there were insufficient funds and the cheque was returned to the MOD. They have recovered the funds directly from her pay.

You have to plan ahead when cashing cheques in Theatre. Sometimes it can take an absolute age for them to clear from your account so you have to go back to the good old days of balancing your cheque book! Buggered if i know why they take so long, they just do.

196 quid is quite alot for a single cheque and above the normal amount for a cheque guarantee card. She may have bounced more than one and they've taken the collective amount in one go. Worth looking into.
I got exactly the same thing on my pay statement this month and I was recently overseas in Belize and cashed several cheques, I miscounted one of them, probably cos I was off my face half the time. And it didn't come off until the 29 Jan at which time there was not alot in my bank after Mrs outcast went on a spree in the Jan sales. Needless to say, they recovered it from my wages this month with same title Refer to drawer cheque. She will probably find that she will also have a £14 service charge from the army. All in all its an expensive buisness as you get charged by both the bank and the army. Bring back AR payments is what I say. When you cash a cheque oversea now, you sign on the back of the cheque to allow the army to recover it from your wages if it bounces. Thats why you dont need a cheque card.
Probably due to the fact she changed bank accounts halfway through the tour and had her wages paid into the new one, hence no money in old account, like Jockster said it can take ages for the cheques to be cashed?

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