Return To camp 1 month before tour from being awol

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Stevie-b, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. If a Soldier Has Gone AWOL 5Months prior To Tour And Returns 1 Or 2 Months before Tour Could He Deploy If He Wants To, Whats The Chances Of It?
  2. Not from jail he can't.

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  3. I would find it unlikely. What about MST?

    Having said that I know of a soldier who went AWOL on his RnR and returned when the coy arrived back from tour and was allowed to soldier on do you never know.

    I hope not though
  4. Surely you mean;

    Not From Jail He Can't. ;-)
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  5. I don't feel like using harsh font, italics or bad speelung at the moment. I'm saving that for the "When Do We Get Paid This Month?" thread that will inevitably come up at some stage.

    No wonder my blood pressure is so high........
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  6. Can You Be More Specific And Let Us Know Which Army You Are Referring To? Quite A Lot Of Nationalities Use These Boards You Know. Thanks In Advance.
  7. You don't have blood, like Mr Burns (being of a simlar age and build) you only have dust.
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  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Whatever the answer is get yourself back ASAP! The longer you leave it the worse it will be. Whatever happens until you've dealt with it you will not be able to move on with your life.
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  9. Calm down love, anyway I thought you were out. Start to learn to relax. Try some ZEn chanting, it works for me, not sure about those trying to work near me though.
  10. I couldnt go AWOL, I had more fun in the block on weekends than I had anywhere else. Where else can you stand in a long line pulling on your semi flaccid cocks waiting for your turn to poke a fat gronk half passed out on an oppos bed?
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  11. Rugby tour??
  12. NIL chances with pending discipline!.. Turn yourself in, sewer rat!
  13. You know too much....
  14. Even us passed out gronks remember SOME bits :D
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  15. So, When do we get paid this month?
    Is it on the Friday or the Friday night at midnight, or Saturday as technically it is still a working day for the banks.
    Oh the pain and anguish! Will I have enough to get fucking rinsed on Friday night?