Return times on medical?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by moto_psycho, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Seriously I've been waiting about a month now on my medical, done the barb, lit and numeracy. I spoke to them at the careers office, they said they had received it and it had been sent off..... but its been ages! Its so bloody nerve racking!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. In my fifth week now mate. Tell me about it. Apparently the recession has tripled the paper work pile.
  3. Hi,I dunno how long the average time is but i took the forms into my doctor got them back within a week an hand delivered the med docs back to the army careers office,this was august time,i did`nt get medically approved until December so that was some wait.
  4. Same boat mate, docs went off last month, am into my fourth week waiting now

    Spoke to careers office bloke, he said my app would have gone in and been put on a pile of about 3000 others, on Friday he said I would have been down to the last 1000

    What can ya do!

    Just sit tight and keep training
  5. jesus, that settles my nerve a little, but also makes it worse!!!
  6. ive been waitin now 4 weeks for my forms to come back , im shittin my self in case i fail cause had an op on my r knee 4 yrs ago just wish theyd put me out my missery
  7. When i got my medical froms, i took them to my docs on the tuesday, told them i NEED (and stress this to them if you are about to give yours in) that i needed them by friday so they said they'd be done for friday. Gave them back to AFCO on friday, was medically cleared a week later. Just tell them that you need them done for a certain date and pick them up yourself, much quicker!
  8. two months and waiting..
  9. If you ve had previous applications into the armed forces. Then its even longer while they find the previous paperwork.
  10. 2 months or so, then an even longer wait for putting in an 18 month old injury that healed 16 months ago...

    Takes a while then...
  11. Hi, about 5 weeks ago i handed in my completed medical forms to my local ACIO and they sent them off. i rang them up recently to check the progress and they said they had just been updated and required and exra infromation form. once i recieve this and get it completed does anyone know whether it takes another 4-6 weeks for the one form or if it is fairly quick? sorry if this has been asked before but i could find anything on it.

    any help much appreciated

  12. I've got to go get my medical questionaire from the docs tommorrow , and then the wait begins , i hope nothing on it delays it even futher.
  13. There is another thread on this a few lines above mate.

    I've been waiting over 2 months now, and there are lots of others it seems.

    we'll just have to be patient bud. best of luck.
  14. i got my call to say ive medically passed in just over 2 weeks! got my interview tomorrow
  15. I'm guessing you haven't previously applied then?

    I wonder if where you live or your job choices make a difference? Probably not, but I can't make sense of whats going on. A lad I know got his in no-time recently.